Spring Reading Challenge

Haven Elite Spring Reading Challenge

When do we really have time to pick up a real book now a days? With jobs, kids, and running a household, there is no time to get lost in another world with great characters. So we have reverted to finding a way. As we commute to work in cars, trains, and busses we have found that listening to audio books or podcasts are the only way we will get to "read". 

Well, I'm sorry I find it pure pleasure to crack open a book, and connect with words. So what have I done to get my fix? I'm putting myself to a challenge and I challenge all of you as well. 

In 6 weeks I plan to read 3 book and write a review about them all on GoodReads.com. Make sure to visit my profile on Good Reads to see my reviews and what I am currently reading. Want to take on the challenge with me? Become my friend and let me see what books are on your spring challenge list! 

Here's to reading the 'old fashion' way.