5 Beauty Hacks You'll Love When Hitting The Gym

Even though we love hitting the gym, we don't always love having to deal with the no makeup, sweaty hair look. Especially when we have somewhere to go after. So we tested out routines for a couple weeks to see what were the top five things we knew we couldn't live without after a hard core gym session. 

  1. BB Cream is the best way to go after the gym. There is no real time to put a full face of foundation, highlighter, concealer and a contour. BB Cream will even out your skin tone and have you leaving the gym with a fresh natural face.

  2. Some times we just don't have the time after a workout to wash our hair at the gym. So grab your Dry Shampoo and start spraying away. Make sure not to get your hair wet in the shower and to blow dry your hair if it's still a little damp from the workout. A little Dry Shampoo and you've got yourself some public worthy post workout hair.

  3. Not satisfied with just the BB Cream or need to go some place other then the grocery store, then make sure to have you favorite mascara and eyebrow products. The best way to distract people from everything else is wide open friendly eyes. I strongly believe, if you put on mascara your brows must be done.

  4. Deodorant is a must, but what about the rest of your body care? I love making sure I have a trio of my go to scents in my gym bag. Shower gel, body lotion, and perfume will have you smelling great, and smelling great for hours.

  5. Sometimes we think just showering, drying off and throwing on deodorant and perfume is enough. No ladies it's not! Don't forget to moisturize. I'm not only talking about your body but your face as well. You just put your whole body thru the ringer and then on top of that took a hot steamy shower. Your skin will be parched, so don't forget to give it what it needs and keep it soft all day long.