6 Ways to Get Back in the Groove

It's the new year, and we all understand that it's time to get back into the groove of working out and getting into a routine. But IT'S HARD! I am right there with you; and even though I workout everyday, or almost everyday, I still at the start of the new year can find it hard to get back into my regular routine after the holiday break. I sat down with a couple of friends and asked them what they did to help them get back in the groove after the holiday season and I heard these 6 things over and over again. I 100% agree with all these things as I have used many of these ways to get back into my groove after a break away from my regular routine. 

  • FIND A GYM / GET A GYM MEMBERSHIP : The biggest way to get back in the groove of things is to find a gym you love and get a membership. When you take the time to find a gym that you actually have to pay for each month you are more likely to go. I have found a gym that fits me, has great space for what I like to do and has classes that I actually want to take. 
  • TAKE A FITNESS CLASS : You don't have to just go jump on a treadmill or elliptical when you go to a gym. Your gym usually has a a weekly fitness class schedule. In my gym there's spin, yoga, HIIT, aqua classes, and some more. I find that mixing up your routine will help you  want to stay in the groove. It's all about finding something that you love to do. If that's not running on the treadmill than don't do it. 
  • FIND INSPIRATION : I'm all about finding things that inspire you. If that's finding quotes you post on your mirror, or finding people on instagram that live a full healthy lifestyle. Yes there are some people we want to "look" like but we have to understand that finding fitness inspiration is more than what we want to look like but how we want to feel in our bodies. 
  • START A MORNING ROUTINE : How do you wake up? I try to wake up every morning with a light stretch and a big glass a water. It helps me get moving and I feel more productive the rest of the day. I've had friends tell me they start their morning with an affirmation or meditation. Having a morning routine will help you get and stay in a groove. 
  • GET A WORKOUT BUDDY : Who's your accountability partner? Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable. I have a coach and a full team that keeps me accountable, but you could have your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, or sibling. I mean there are so many people who can help you get back in the groove and stay in the groove. So find yours and get the grooving. 
  • SET MEASUREABLE & ACHIEVABLE GOALS : When you get back in the groove, you have to make sure you are shooting for something. Sit down and make measurable and achievable goals. You want goals that will stretch you, make you uncomfortable, and that you can actually measure from month to month. 

So get your booty going! It's already February and they year is flying by. Give yourself some self-love and and believe me you will love how you got your groove back.