Summer Must Haves: Fitness Favorites

Summer Fitness Must Haves | Nikki's Haven

It's that time of the year again to talk about all the things that are getting me through this HOT Sacramento summer. One thing I've always noticed is that most people tend to stop working out in the summer. The gyms become less crowed, you see less people on the running trails, and I get it. It's summer, and so far you've worked hard and need a vacation from the gym, but summer can still be a great time to get things done. For me this year it's been a summer of recovery. After dealing with a nagging achilles during track season, I needed a break. Even though I didn't run for some time (2 weeks, which killed me), I found myself rolling more, going to the gym to lift, and started up yoga again. So I wanted to share with you all what have been my summer must have products.

Addaday Nonagon Roller:  I love this roller because it's small enough to travel with, but also because it works wonders on my stubborn IT Bands. The nobs help you get trigger points that are nagging and they also help with flushing the legs. I wrote more about the recovery process, if you want to read more about it you can do so HERE$45

Addaday Yoga Mat: This yoga mat has saved my life this summer. From stretching out on the trails, to doing yoga in the park. It's pretty cool because it has a wood grain effect on it. Durable, reliable, and no slippage. Get yours NOW $79.99

Addaday Trio: These 3 little massage balls do wonders for my legs, back, and hip flexors. When you want to get in those hard to reach places that the foam roller just cant get these are for you. They are all different hardness levels which makes it easy to give you the appropriate pressure for whatever you need. You can always fine these three in my backpack when I'm headed to practice. $23

Oiselle Flyout Tank: Oiselle calls this tank "a truly remarkable, sweat-moving, cool-making garment." And they aren't lying. This tank is to die for and if I didn't have these tanks I would be practically naked this summer. Sacramento is HOT, and I've definitely put this tank to the test. Yoga, running, lifting, and everyday wear.  It doesn't cling to me, it wicks sweat away like magic, and oh did I say light as a feather.The tank is no longer on the site but a short sleeve and long sleeve are up in great new fall colors. Currently Not Available

Adidas x Wanderlust Fabric Backpack: A backpack is a vital key to my gear when I go to the gym or the track. I found this backpack searching the Adidas website for shoes one day. Adidas and Wanderlust teamed up to make the perfect yoga backpack, but I use this for more then just my yoga sessions. Going to the office, track, or gym you can find this bad boy on my back. It fits the Addaday Nonagon roller, laptop, spikes, and a whole lot of other goodies. It also has two mesh side pockets for my water bottle. This is a must have, but its sold out at the moment. I'm not sure it they are going to restock it but there are plenty more backpacks to choose from at a great price on the site. Currently Not Available

Oiselle Mac Roga Short: Booty short must have in your collection. I never liked running shorts until I put these bad boys on my booty. They will always be in my must haves. It gives me a break from all the spandex I wear most of the time. Light weight, stretchy, fit like a dream and has pockets! If you don't like the short short Mac Roga, they come in a variety of lengths for your liking. $46

Oiselle Pocket Jogger Capris: Sally and the design team have done it again over at the Oiselle Nest. These capris hit my long femurs  perfectly and are the most comfy pair of tights I own. They are incredibly soft and oh cute too. There are 4 pockets and they are in all the right places; one on the side leg and 3 on the waistband If you follow me on Snapchat you know I wear these things like it's my day job. And I heard from a little bird that they will be back around for the fall in a full tight. Get ready for the greatness headed your way. $78

Goodr Glasses: Okay okay, I don't know where I have been, and what I have been doing but these Goodr Running Sunglasses are both stylish and practical. I was never one to run in sunglasses, because for one, running glasses never fit my face and two, they were all just plain ugly. These bad boys are a different story. They don't move while running, they are polarized so your eyes are protected and they come in SO MANY different colors it's unbelievable.Head over to the site a give them a try or visit your local Fleet Feet store to see if they carry them. I promise you wont be sorry. $25

Hydro Flask: A water bottle that does it all. Well maybe not all, but it passes the test for a HOT summer day. Hydro Flask makes water bottle in various sizes and colors, but that's not the COOL part. This water bottle keeps your water cold FOREVER, or pretty darn close to it. The Tempshield technology keeps whatever you put in it either hot or cold. But in my case it's always cold. Ice doesn't melt, and water is as refreshing as ever. If you haven't tried a water bottle like this then don't buy any other brand this is the way to go! $24.95 - $42.95