Set An Intention

Intention : a determination to act a certain way.

Every week I set out to do something that will make me better, not only as a person but also as an athlete. When I started to use the Compete Training Journal it forced me to sit down and set an intention for each week. The first couple of weeks I just set a workout goal, but as time went on I truly had to think about what setting an intention meant. Intentions are the starting point of every dream, and I want to share with you on how I go about setting an intention. 

how to set an intention| Nikki's Haven

1. Keep it positive 


Make sure your intention has a positive tone. Many times we set an intention with a negative connotation like, "My intention is to get rid of this stupid stress." It isn't very positive when you have negative words attached to it. Try something like, "My intention is to invite peace and calmness into my life today." You should always make your intention positive, uplifting, and in the present tense. Doing this will help you fully grasp what you are trying to do. Negative words will only bring negativity into your life and space. 



2. Make sure it can evolve


Change things up! We are ever evolving people so our intentions should be the same. When we have a new intention it is easy for our minds to be excited and intrigued at first, but as time passes we tend to get bored. If you stick to the same intention week after week your mind will stop responding to it. The goal is to polish and enhance your intention, so it shouldn't drastically change. If your first intention is, " My intention is to manifest positive affirmations." Than your next intention should slowly evolve into "My intention is to enjoy the positives I create for myself."


3. Aim for short term


We can easily loose track of long term intentions. Just like the big dream goals we set for ourselves in the beginning of the year, long term intentions can fall to the waste side sometimes. Setting smaller intentions that fit the big picture can help you achieve a grandiose goal in more powerful segments. If your main intention is to run a Boston Marathon qualifying time, your first step is to break down what that means. What will it take you to do such? I like to think about all the little things it will take for me to achieve a time goal. So taking care of things like, rolling, strength training, visualization, and etc. All those things will help you achieve the bigger picture, not just a couple of those key workouts.


These three things should help you better set out for that big race or even fitness goal in your life. Once I sat down and realized that I had to break my big end of the year goal down into weekly intentions I noticed a change in my attitude towards workouts, life, and all what I was setting out to do. Sometimes it takes more than just setting running goals, or goal times. Take the time to reconnect with the little things in life that will help you achieve at a high level. Connect with yourself on a deeper level and watch your running take flight. 

What is your intention for the upcoming week?