Champion Yourself

In the last five years I have asked myself one question multiple times. What could I have done better? Last fall, me and my coach sat down and talked about changes that needed to be made off the track to make me better. I've learned that sometimes it's not just about the workouts that allow you to run fast on race day, but all the little things you do off the track to make yourself better. 


In the Summer of 2016 I had the pleasure of attending the California Bird Camp held by Oiselle. I find pleasure in meeting new women, exploring new places to run, and gaining knowledge through others insight. Bird camp of course didn't disappoint, as I listened to Devon Yanko talk about having mental toughness, and Kate Grace talk about her experience at the Olympic Games. Nuggets of knowledge came in ten folds the whole trip, and I made sure to latch on to them with the strength of a Tiger. One of the biggest nuggets that I took away was a book Kate said she had read. The Champion's Mind : How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive by Jim Afremow has been my go to for the last year. It's a book that gets you thinking about how your handling yourself in everyday life. It talks about living your life as a champion on and off the playing field, whatever that might be. 

When you break it down it's all things that you think about doing, or have done, but proably not with great consistency. There's plenty of times we all flirt with the idea of being a champion and have some of the greatest moments of our careers. The idea is that when you apply it to your life with consistency, on and off the "field" you will see growth and results.

Last fall I repeated one phrase to myself everyday; 'Champion Yourself'. This phrase can mean a lot depending on how you apply it to your life,  it for me it was a consistent reminder to live as a champion in all aspects of my life. On one of my hardest hill workouts last fall I probably said this phrase 25 times, while visiualizing the last 100 meters of the USATF National 800m final. That day it hit me like a ton of bricks, "You are a champion." 


This fall has been about consistency and pulling from my 'Inner Strength Bank Account'. There have been many times this fall that life has gotten in the way. Training hasn't been the best, and consistency of workouts have been all over the place. I had to sit down, take a minute with myself, and truly evaluate what I a true champion would be doing to make it all workout. I opened my book again to refresh my mind. The ultimate thing that has helped me was pulling from my Bank Account. An account that holds nothing but imagery of when I have done my best. Either that be in a race, or at practice. When I don't want to get up for practice, or I don't feel a 100% before a workout my bank account comes in handy. 

Your bank account is for you to cash in at times. Our previous successes motivate and inspire us to do out best. We've already done it, its been deposited into out account, so why not cash it on a day you need it. There is no reason to sit on cash and never use it. So this fall and cash some of the strength that's sitting in your bank account, Champion Yourself in the tough moments, and never be scared to be your own champion when others are not.