Hills, Mud, & A Whole Lot of Running

In the fall season I wanted to embark on a ton of hills, mud, and cross - country courses. I ran one road race, and than ended my fall season with USATF Club XC Nationals. Even though my fall season contained less 5k based work this year, I was able to PR by 18sec in the 5k. My fitness was tested only a few weeks later and the score was; 6k - 1 vs Dom - 0. 

I towed the line the morning of December 12th with 400 other women and my SRA teammates. All of us of different disciplines, but all together that morning for one purpose. To run through the hills, mud, and to be tough for each of our teammates. As the gun went off all I could do was tell myself to be patient. As I went through the mile hearing 5:32, my first thought was "this is going to be the longest 6k of my life." I'm  not going to lie, my fitness was tested, and the course definitely won that day. I was asked later that night by a friend and a coach, "Why the heck did you run?!" All I could muster up was, "I ran for my team. And I just love xc."  As I reflect back to my statement, I wouldn't have said anything else, because it was true.   

Yes, I run 800 meters. Yes, I might be more of a "speedster", but I feed on stength work. Little is known about how I train, and at the end of the day I really give everyone a play by play. I'm not a strength work horse, but I'm also not a speed demon. I find my happiness right in the middle. Maybe that's a reason why the 800 has become my baby and I couldn't see myself primarily running anything else. 

As I look forward to this indoor season is there a chance that I find a home in the mile? Possibly, but I know that I will continue to do everything in hopes of building on my weakness and making my strengths prosper. I'm happy to be healthy, and to be running. I have been training with no injury and this might be the longest time I have ever done so since high school. So this 2016 my main goal is to stay healthy. Yes I have a ton of other goals like; make Olympic Trials, run 2:01, and continue to love this sport. It's time to #womanup! What are your goals for this 2016 season?