13 Fitness Must Haves For Fall

13 Fitness Must Haves For Fall | Nikki's Haven

Fall is my favorite season for just about everything. I really didn't fall in love with fall until I moved to North Carolina for college, and ever since then I've been obsessed. With the weather changing, the trees changing colors, and the trails becoming soft and riddled with fallen leaves what more can you ask for when it comes to fall training? Now that I'm in California I don't get a full fall season, but don't get things twisted. I live in Northern California, so wind and rain don't just pass us by. With that being said I get to enjoy long sleeves and tights while hitting the roads for my runs. What gets me through the rest of fall? My recovery tools are never too far away. Below are my 13 fall must haves. What are some of yours? Make sure to shop all my favorites on my shop page. 

Fall Fitness Must Haves Nikki's Haven
  1. Roll Recovery R8I've been eyeing the R8 for a while, and now that I finally have it I couldn't be happier. When I don't feel like laying on my foam roller after a workout, this is what I grab. What I love is that you can use it on different parts of your legs with no problem. It auto-adjust to fit all leg sizes so you don't have to worry about ordering a certain size. No added pressure needed with this tool, it has what they call "force-flex". Which provides just the right amount of pressure to massage out your muscles. $119
  2. Run GumIf you've been a reader for a while you know I'm in love with Run Gum. This performance gum was designed by Olympian Nick Symmonds, and gives me the kick I need on long run days or long interval days. Some days I wake up late and can't have my cup of coffee. So, I have one piece of Run Gum before my workout, and one right after. The mint flavor is my favorite. Price varies.
  3. SOS RehydrateLittle do some know, hydrating even when it's not hot outside is vital. SOS Rehydrate stays in my gym bag and backpack so I can have it after my workouts. It replenishes what I've lost during my workout, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a hydration drink that doesn't have a ton of sugars. I love the berry flavor the most, but I'm excited about the mango flavor will be coming out soon. $7.99 for box of 10
  4. Picky BarsI can honestly say I had never tried Picky Bars until a month ago. Once I tried them I fell in love. For me they are easier to digest then other protein bars. They taste good, are made from great ingredients, and have one kick-ass co-founder in Lauren Fleshman. Try them out if you haven't, my favorite so far is Blueberry Boomdizzle. Price varies.
  5. Oiselle New Lesley Tights:  Alright let's get to some of the good stuff. This tights are just one of many that I love from Oiselle. The fall line is to die for and if you haven't checked it out, well, what are you waiting for? I love that these have a reflective deatil at the knee, so if I ever want to run when it's dim out I won't get hit by cars! The mesh behind the knee also allows for perfect ventilation. They are lightly lined with fleece, and will keep me warm on those cold workout days. Now if it gets colder where you live then it does in California, try the Moto Lesley tights. $82
  6. Oiselle Bolt Long SleeveHello gorgeous. I've never been a big fan of long sleeves because the sleeves always ride up. Well this bad boy has thumb holes! It's apart of Oiselle's seamless collection and not only does it come in this great long sleeve, but the collection also includes a bra and tights! I'm in love with the whole bolt collection and can't wait to rock this out more. $66
  7. Lacrosse Ball:  Again this puppy has never left my side. My lacrosse ball is always in a gym bag, backpack, or purse. It's super convenient to use when I'm on the go and need to roll at any given moment. Those days where I'm on my feet for hours at work, my lacrosse ball comes to the rescue during break time. I have even started making some of my high school athletes use it for rolling out smaller muscles they can't get to with a roller stick. It's definitely a must have in any athletes essentials.  $6-$8
  8. TP Foam Roller: "Roll, roll, roll your butt. Gently over the foam". Haha okay jokes aside. I have a love hate relationship with my foam roller, as I'm sure many of us do. Regardless of the relationship I will never get rid of a this foam roller when it comes to having it in my essentials. The TP roller isn't your normal roller, as it has grooves to make sure it's getting the blood flowing as you are rolling back and forth. This helps start the recovery process in your muscles.  $39.99
  9. Stretching Band:  This band started to become a staple in my warmup and cool down treatment this spring. It's helped me with my dynamic stretching, and I have seen a difference in mobility. Now I'm not saying this brand of band is the all-mighty. There are other stretching bands, and even rope you can get from your local hardware store, that does the same thing. I just find mine easy to use since I can slip my foot in and use it with one hand. Make sure you're a Haven Elite to get the exclusive video of how I use this band in my dynamic stretching routine.  $12
  10. Stance Tomboy SocksAfter the gym I have to get my sweaty socks off my feet. These Stance everyday tomboy socks are my lifesavers. They are super comfy, really warm, and they look great too. This Suzanna tomboy sock is so fun! I love the different colors, and they make for a great pop of color with my black sweats after the gym.  $14
  11. HankOrange Headband:  Since I'm growing my hair out once again, my baby hairs and fly always are at an extreme high. I was lucky to meet the lovely owner of HankOrange while at Birdcamp this year and she's just a peach. I'm so happy that I can add these head bands to my hair and fall fitness must haves. If you are looking for something to push your hair out of your face look no further. I promise you won't be disappointed. Tell her I sent you! Price varies
  12. Stance Run SocksI've never been one to run in a sock that was cushioned. One I always felt they were too thick for my spikes or training shoes. I love a sock that's light weight, and feels like it's not even on my feet. With my more recent foot injuries I've had to change my mindset, and when I tried Stance Run socks I immediately fell in love. The compression that I need, super comfy, thin but still cushioned, and OMG they all have such cute designs. If you haven't tried a pair make sure to try them out, You won't be disappointed.  $14-$15
  13. Oiselle Mac Roga Shorts:  Like I said before, I live in California, so the weather isn't always cold. The Mac Roga is simply the best running short I have ever worn. The stretch material lets them move with you and the larger waistband is super comfortable. What I love the most is that they are short just like spandex bottoms. All my running shorts were so long before that I just refused to wear them unless I hadn't done laundry. Now I'm 5'6, 103lbs, and the size 2 is still a tad bit big on me. When it comes to sizing just read reviews to see what others have said and what you think will fit you.  $46