Miracle Mile

1 lap, 2 lap, 3 lap, and hold on. This is how I always thought of the mile, a distance that put me out of my comfort zone for longer then I was used to. On Sunday I jumped into the San Rafael Miracle Road Mile, with a couple of my teammates. Now as I stepped on the line that day I was excited and ready to race hard. This was my first true mile, and my first time running over 800 meters since 2009, so excited and anxious was more of what I was feeling.

via @NorCalDistance

via @NorCalDistance

Locked in on the lead pack I heard the 400m split and thought, "PERFECT." Next was the 800m split, and all I could think was, "Okay i'm good. We are locked in and now I just have to keep running." Yeah, I must have forgotten that I also needed to focus and not check out from 800m to 1200m. The pack slowly started to pull away from me and all I could think about was holding on. I slowly reverted back to the old mindset I had before. I finished 5th with my lungs burning, and a bit upset because my lack of being able to just grind it out. 

Out of my element is what I said to many of my friends who asked me how I felt. When in fact my coach said I just am not confident racing longer distances, and need to understand that I am just as good as anyone in the race. Everything falls back to confidence and it can change everything. Yes, I was excited to race, be with my teammates, and see what I could do, but I was not confident in my fitness to be able to attack the mile like I know I can. 

I'm now building confidence in longer workouts, harder workouts, and I'm excited about what's to come for the future. Bring on more mile races, bring on some 5ks, and bring on the #paintrain. I currently have another road mile in works for September and if I race I plan on not holding back, pushing my body to the limit and being able to walk away with a PR. 

Remember to embrace all that you do. Never set limits to your fitness, and never feel less then adequate.