Long Time Coming

Portland Track Festival Dominique Jackson

At 8pm on Sunday I picked up my phone to text my coach, and the words that stumbled out of my fingers were, "It just now hit me. I just ran 2:03!" The last time I said those words were back in June of 2009. 

When I ended my 2009 season I had such high hopes for my running career. Even with getting a new coach for the 2010 season, I was excited to get back to NCAA's and be in another final. That excitement dwindled that year when I didn't make nationals, and I was heading into my senior year with doubts. The 2011 season went a little better, but not like I would've liked.  

I thought I'd take a break, pick up the pieces and become the "old" me in 2012. Little did I know that The Struggle was more than I ever expected and I decided to just give running a break. I moved back home in the summer of 2012 to start fresh, to renew my love for the sport, and to get back to the basics. From August of 2012 until June 13th 2015 I had some good moments, I had some okay moments, and I also had some really bad moments. 

The last month and half leading up the the Portland Track Festival I didn't have any races, and I was determined to workout hard. I had lost a little bit of time training earlier in the year due to a Hiccup, and basically had to race myself into subpar shape in April. It's crazy what only a month and a half can do when you're consistent and highly motivated. On paper my 2:07.60 from the Payton Jordan meet wasn't impressive, but I knew I was ready to run fast off of my workouts I had completed. I stepped on the line Sunday with a new level of confidence I hadn't felt in years and when the gun went off I was calm and ready to execute the first 400m like I had done plenty of times in practice leading up to that day. It's funny, I always say my PR races I don't remember, but this one I remember vividly. To me I made one minor mistake and I know what to fix going into USA Senior Nationals and I'm excited for more. This summer is also looking promising, as I gain help from past teammates on learning the ropes for getting into races this summer I feel good about everything. 2:03.37 is my current PR, but I strongly believe it wont be for long.