Don't Lie To Yourself


As athletes we are our worst critics. For me at times I am also my biggest competiton, and I tend to forget to just stop and really think about what's happening at that very moment. With how I've been feeling lately, I've noticed I've started to just lie to myself. I quickly have had to check myself, and then get out of whatever funk I was in. 

As an "elite" athlete you have to live the lifestyle. That means everything you do must revolve around running and taking care of your body. With not being on a contract I try to live the elite and working women life. Well, that hasn't worked out. I sit and tell myself I'm doing everything I can, everything in my will power to be the elite athlete I aspire to be, but really I'm missing things. I get caught up in the everyday life and forget to roll out some nights, I am not seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis like I should, and ice baths are fewer than recommended. Ultimately I'm not doing everything I can and I'm just lying to myself. This in turns makes me fustrated when things don't go well, and it's all on me when everything is said and done. 

  "Running requires investment in yourself. And investing in yourself pays huge dividends for yourself & those you love."
                -  @GregMcMillan

A lot of the time we as people are so quick to find an excuse for something instead of really identifying the problem. Step back, evaluate your life, be honest with yourself and don't lie to yourself. My coach tells me all the time, "Control what you can, and you will be fine." Even though I've heard this numerous of times and tell my friends, I tend to forget to apply it to myself. So I've taken a stance at this point and have been very conscious of where my mind is at every moment. Being honest with myself will keep stress down, allow me to run, and live in the moment.