On The Brain | 5k



This past Saturday I was supposed to embark on my second 5k of the year, but since I had my hiccup with my foot I wasn't able to. With not being able to attack a 5k on the roads, it makes me itch to run a 5k on the track that much more. 

I know now it might sound really crazy that I even want to run 5,000m around the track, but I can admit to being a tad crazy. Even though my best event is the 800m I was slightly brainwashed, well let's be honest, I am still brainwashed by my coach. When I'm feeling fit, confident, and my workouts are clicking off without a hitch, I want to tackle every event with full force.  

I'm excited to say that the idea of running the 5,000m on the track is still on our minds. We don't know when it will be, but I'm excited to just get back to being super confident, super strong, and even a tad more crazy.  

What's is one of your "crazy" training or racing thoughts?