Hiccups Are Normal


I think at times I tend to forget that there are down hills in life. For the past couple weeks I have been dealing with a hiccup. Not the hiccup that you would normally get from eating to quickly, but it's just as annoying. My 2013 fall season was cut short due to chronic foot pain, that I later found out we're bone spurs. After not running a 2014 indoor season and figuring out how to combat the pain, I was lucky enough to have an outdoor season. 

Jump to fall 2014, where I believe is the most consistent summer I have had in my career. I was excited about winter training, and what I now call my Miler Phase. I was on such a high, so excited about the upcoming indoor season, and ready to tackle everything my coach threw at me. Workouts were perfect, recovery and weight lifting was at a all time high, and indoor season approached quickly. If you haven't read about my first meet up at the UW Preview, go ahead and read it after this, but long story short, I wasn't happy with my performances, and I felt a little bit of pain in my left foot. This pain wasn't anything new, as I had felt a slight tightness just two weeks prior. I brushed it off and took it as the typical rust buster pains. 

The week before the UW Invite I was doing 150s when I had to stop my workout. From there came frustration, and doubt. I ended up having to cancel my flight for the UW Invite and decided to not register for the Husky Classic.

It all hit me so quickly; I wasn't going to have another indoor season. Even though I didn't find my way around the track at the Husky Classic, I did attend. I was lucky enough to have been able to stay at the great Dine and Dash, experience Seattle outside of track meet mode, see my little brother compete, and watch friends enjoy the passion of this great sport.

As I boarded my plane back to California that weekend, I felt a shy of relief. I saw that even though I was/am having my hiccups that they will soon subside. The joy of running at times can be lost in the politics, and the pressure. My biggest advice is to let go, go back to the start of it all, and enjoy the pureness of it. As I type this out I am not completely healed, but I know for a fact that with my heart being in the right place that my feet will follow, and my hiccups will diminish.