Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

run to feed the hungry 5k 2015

Me and any distance past 800 meters usually have love hate relationships. Thanksgiving morning I found my way out to Sacramento to run the Run To Feed The Hungry 5k. It was beyond cold and nerves started bubbling over after talking race plan with my coach. Road race and nerves aren't two things that usually go together for me, but that day they did.  

I didn't know where my fitness was, I didn't expect to run my goal I set for the 2016 season, and I didn't expect to win. I ran 17:46 for 5k and was able to be the 1st female to cross the line. For the first time I broke 18mins and walked away with a win in an event over 800 meters.  

That day I was truly thankful. I am healthy, my fitness is better than I thought, and I was able to finally experience the rush of a great 5k again. The last time I remember running a great 5k, for me, was in 2006. 18:33 at the CIF XC State Championships has always been my pride and glory. But now I can cherish the tough, grueling 5k I just ran. 

Next week I embrace XC again. I will be competing at the USA XC Nationals in San Fransisco at Golden Gate Park. Now it's time to transfer my toughness over to 6k.