Gym Chronicles | #PGS Update

Project Get Strong | Gym Chronicles

The gym is still around! It's been about a month since I started my PGS campaign again and it's been a good one. I have slowly started to learn about my strengths and weaknesses again and I'm learning to embrace exercises that I really use to despise. I have also learned that I'm not a big fan of gyms. Yes I said it, and it sounds just as weird coming out of my mouth as you're reading it. I think since I am so used to only training and lifting in places where their are athletes that I feel a bit awkward around "normal" people. I mean normal in the most kindest way. Me and my teammates in college called all non-athletes "Norms". Yes they might of worked out, run here or there, and lifted weights when they felt like it, but it was our job. 

Back to gym talk. I feel like everyone is judging me when I'm lifting, which they probably are, but I still have to get in my work. I'm slowly starting to like lifting for my upper body. Pull ups, dips, shoulder workouts, and bench have started to give me a little more confidence in the Gun Show department. Let's be honest though, I have a very small frame, so my arms aren't big by any means, but a little Gun Show is better than no Gun Show at all. 

I'm excited to start transitioning out of my strength program, and into my power program. When the power program comes into play I know track is right around the corner. Things in the gym might get even more awkward now. I'm doing explosive moves that most people in a gym don't do, haven't seen, and think I'm way to small to possible be able to lift all that weight. This is when my headphones come in handy. Thanks to my Oiselle teammate Lauren Fleshman, I am able to get focused and knock out my workout with the JayBird Sport headphones, even with the judging stares. I've posted my current playlist on Spotify! So go over and check out what I'm listening to while I'm rocking out in the gym!