Project Get Strong | Part 2

I'm back at it again. I fell off the wagon again, and its was even harder getting back into a strength training routine. Earlier this year I stopped my routine because of my constant foot struggles. I couldn't do any explosive moves and I just said no more over body strength just rehab. This past spring I stopped again because I missed days from traveling. Both times I've tried to make sure that I'm dedicated to doing only what I have set down on paper. This time I have changed things up and I think I finally have a solid routine down. 

Project Get Strong via Nikki's Haven

The main problem was thinking I had to be in a gym to get my strength training in. This time around, I have given myself the freedom of not going to the gym if I can't make it. My at home gym consist of bands, med balls, a yoga mat, and a physio ball. My second day of lifting is usually a full body combo day; which means lots of HIIT training, and lots of sweat. I can get that day in my cycle done at home, or done in the gym, and I think it's made me less stressed. I have been way more positive about staying on track with my PGS. 

This time around I want to keep you all up to date on how I'm doing, how that leg day kicked my butt, and how much progress I've seen from lifting. The updates will also keep me accountable, and I know I will receive nothing but love from you all the whole time. I will be sharing some of my favorite exercises, lifts and gym secrets over on my Haven Elite page when they aren't posted here. So make sure you are a member to get all the goods.