The Transition


When my track season ends I usually wind down get ready to attack a long training season before stepping back on the track. This year my training has changed and I'm excited. 

Now just a week ago my fall season training started. I was excited to hit the roads, start what I call my "miler phase" and become one fit bird. Then Tuesday's workout hit me hard. My legs, body, and mind just weren't ready and on Thursday I stopped my threshold workout. I stopped in the middle of a workout, something I haven't done since 2007. My legs felt like crap and I just said "no more, get in run." Some days you just don't have it, but for some reason this week I just didn't have it. 

Friday I got in a run, some strides and hoped that taking a Epsom Salt bath would wake up my legs for the next day's workout. Saturday was supposed to consist of coffee, race day breakfast and a 5k on a flat fast golf course. Instead I woke up, struggled out of bed, ate a banana, and threw a piece of Run Gum in my mouth. Out the door I went to make my way to practice. Warmed up, did drills and felt like crap! Threshold workout still had to be done and I hoped at some point my legs would wake up. Interval two! Interval two! Hello legs, hello turnover, hello threshold. 

 Somethings are still unexplainable to me. How does the body just flip a switch? Is it just me? Is it mental? Whatever it is I'm thankful. My legs came back and I was floating 5:43 pace for the rest of my intervals. Sometimes you won't feel good, sometimes things won't just click, but when it does be selfish, and ride the wave. 

Ride the wave straight to better workouts, lessons of overcoming, and a better mental state. If you're not feeling well, be patient. Good times are coming your way.