My Fitness and Workout Essentials

With working out at a high level and high intensity so much I have accumulated a ton of recovery tools. I have my favorites for pre-works, but mainly I use a combination of recovery tools and products for post workouts. I am also a fan of bringing a ton of shoes to practice. This is pretty essential though, since my workouts range from longer intervals to short and fast segments depending on the day. I am also no in love with a couple new products such as Run Gum and SOS Rehydrate. Run Gum was started by Nick Symmonds, 2x Olympian and USA 800m runner. If you are in need of a caffeine kick before and after workouts definitely give it a try! So I thought I'd leave you with a list of everything, accompanied with a picture and brief description of when I use them. What are some of your favorite items for workouts and recovery?

  1. My Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller has saved my life. In college I used to have to always use just a lacrosse ball or get a massage to work out my knots after runs or workouts. With the TP roller I am able to get into the muscle and really loosen everything up. If you are looking for a tool to roll out your muscles this is definitely recommended. They come in a ton of different sizes and firmness levels. 
  2. Alright another thing to get the muscles loose. The Addaday Ultra Roller Type A stick is hands down my favorite to use during my warmups. I started to impliment it into my warmup routine mid-season last year and I have to say that I don't know what I'd do without it. Just like the TP Foam Roller, it loosens up your muscles. This helps me get the muscles a little more active before I start my polymeric drills. 
  3. My Nike Yoga Mat comes in handy all the time. At home I love using this out in my backyard. When's its sunny and I just can't help but want more vitamin D, I lay my mat out and do my deep stretching and core exercises. On the other hand when it's cold and rainy you can find me inside doing the same thing. It doesn't slip and it helps when I don't want to be stuck to my wood floors because I'm sweaty and gross. 
  4. The Nike Zoom Streak LT 2's are new to my collection. Last season I did most of my road workouts, and longer interval work in my Nike Lunar Racer's. This year I decided to listen to my coach and get the Streaks. They are now my favorite tempo shoe, long interval shoe, and road racing flat. They are so light weight, yet they give my foot the support they need to have. 
  5. Run Gum is a new performance gum. Made by 2x Olympian Nick Symmonds, this gum was designed with the elite athlete in mind, but made for everyone who runs. The mint flavor is my favorite, but they also make a fruit flavor. If I don't have the chance to make my cup of coffee this is definitely my go to, to give me that extra kick to get through my workouts. Long run's and coffee don't always agree with me so you can find me chewing Run Gum for sure. Make sure to check it out!
  6. SOS Rehydrate is recently new to me. I discovered them through a road race I did with a couple of my teammates in December. It is a hydration and electrolyte replacement drink mix, that gives me what I need back after a long run and any hard longer workouts. I love that it's pretty easy to just pour in my water bottle, shake and drink away. It's also great because I can find it at my local CVS/Rite Aid. I recommend the blueberry flavor, It's my favorite!
  7. CEP Compression socks saved my life last winter. With having bone spurs and early stages of arthritis in my foot, I found that these are the only thing that keep everything together. The compression is great for my foot but also for my legs. You will find me rocking these bad boys on any type of long run or long tempo. 
  8. Okay now if you know me I have forever been a Nike type of person, but with the whole foot thing in 2013 fall/winter I stopped wearing flats due to the pain. So when it was time for me to get a new pair of flats in September I went with the New Balance XC 700v3. I mainly use these flats for faster workouts, ranging from 200m-800m. These are my first pair of New Balance shoes, and I can proudly say they are great! Light weight, made very well, and no foot pain! This has definitely opened the door to me trying more of their shoes out. 
  9. Good ol' Nike Zoom Pegasus 31's. These bad boys are my ride or die training shoe. I love Nike's Zoom technology, and have loved it since I put on my first pair back in 2004. These are my everyday trainer. Light weight, super responsive, and never treat my feet wrong. If you are a neutral runner I suggest trying out either these or the Zoom Elite's. 
  10. Now me and my Nike GPS Watch have a love hate relationship. I love that I can tap it during my workouts and it will register my splits, but I have had 2 prior to this one in less than a year and a half. Now it is a great watch, don't get me wrong, but I think I just have bad luck with watches in general. It also doesn't help that I am a little picky with watches and the Nike watch gives me everything I want. 
  11. Finally my coveted lacrosse ball. The love of my life since college, and I'm pretty sure it always will be. Now some people might find it crazy that I use a lacrosse ball, but it is for rolling out purposes. It's just firm enough, and small enough to attack my QL muscles, the arches of my foot, and anything else that needs a little more attention. The connection between my IT Band and knee might tell you it hates this little ball, but after believe me it loves it. If you are ever looking for something that will get into the tight places (no pun) then go out and buy one. I believe they are like $6. I have a ton still from college (Thanks Nina), so I am lucky enough to not have to buy any.