Social Media Outlook

 This past week I was told by someone close to me that I should watch what I say on my social media outlets. It drove me to really rethink the idea of reputations. Back in college I took a class that was based on learning media theory and how companies applied it to marketing and PR. My final project was on Nike, one of the best companies at handling PR problems when it comes to their athletes. As all of my lessons came back to my mind I asked myself if I was really giving off the "wrong" image to the public. Was I showing that I could be professional but with flaws? Then I talked to my best friend and she did what only best friends can do. She made me realize that I need to be myself. Yes, I'm a professional and want to be viewed as someone who takes my craft, my passions, and business seriously, but hey guess what? I'm also me.

I've always been one to express myself, either joking or serious. If companies look at me differently without getting to know who I am, what I truly want in my career and that I'm a total goof ball at times, then maybe that company isn't for me. I'm all about not changing who you are to fit in, and any company that chooses to work with me can be rest assured that they are getting the truest, most authentic version of me.