Importance of a Support System

I cant explain sometimes how much I love the support that I get from people. Some I feel give me support even when I feel like I don't even deserve it. This past year and a half has been a roller coaster of emotions, physical set backs and mental blocks, but for some reason I have a group of people in my corner that care about my dreams and goals when I can't find the strength to. Now my family has supported me from day one and without them there's many things I wouldn't have got to experience. I thank them everyday for the help they give and the support they show. The people who are apart of my inner circle, some of them from high school and some from this past year and a half, are the ones that still amaze me everyday.

When trying to make running your full time job you can't do it alone. There are so many people behind the scenes helping you along your journey. I wanted to write this to thank all those who have reached out, went out of their way, and spent hours on end to help me achieve my goals. As my support team they only care about me running well and pursing my dreams.

This past weekend I was supposed to compete at the UW Invitational in Seattle. Unfortunately I've had some problems come up with an old injury. Me and my coach decided to cut my indoor season and just get healthy. With this whole situation, I've been frustrated, upset and just trying to deal with things they best way I can. Words from my support team have helped me look at the positive, find the right ways to deal with things and also plan for an outstanding outdoor season.

The importance of having these people in my life at this moment is crucial. Each person has taught me something in their own way, or made me believe that anything is possible. Having people in your corner that see potential in you, and see your passion for something can't be bought. The drive I get to keep going, to never give up, to focus on the main goal, not only comes from me. It comes from every person who has plugged into me and those who are still there for me now.

I always say that it's not fair to share names of those who help, because each and every person who has ever helped me along my journey has been vital. These people I am naming now are my inner circle, my continued support system and they deserve credit for helping and pushing me every step of the way. So I want to thank the Monk Family, the Pence Family, the Nathan-Funk Family, the Navasca Family, the Costales Family, Latoya James, Adam Smith, Neil Williams, Fleet Feet Sports of Vacaville, my Sponsor Sacramento Running Association (SRA), and ALL of my Family members.