Help Me Get There

I am currently doing a fundraiser to be able to compete this upcoming season. Below is my story. Read through and pass it on. All is very appreciated. Thank you. Also be sure to check the Donation site for a tentative racing schedule.

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My Story

My name is Dominique Jackson. I am 23 years old and currently living in Northern California. This year will be my 9th year running track and field. I recently graduated The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011, where I competed for four years. During my time at Carolina I had much success and learned a lot from the great runners and a great coaching staff. In my first year, I improved on my time for Olympic trials in 2008, gained All-ACC Outdoor honors, and qualified for my first NCAA Nationals. I was excited to compete at trials that summer but missed it by one spot of going. The next three years were all about more focus, more discipline and the goal to go professional after college. I ended my college career with many accomplishments:

2x All-ACC Indoor Honors

2x ACC Outdoor Champion 800 meters

2009 NCAA Outdoor All-American 800 meters

2x USA Senior Nationals Qualifier 800 meters

After all these great accomplishments I wasn’t graced with a shoe contract, but this didn’t stop me. I continued to train hard to make it to the 2012 Olympic trials. However, I was working two jobs, trying to train 7 days a week, and support me and my passion. I had to end my 2012 track season due to many factors. One was that I didn’t have the means and two was that my coach was 3,000 miles away back in California. I made the move back home to California to follow my dream this past June.

I am training in pursuit to make the 2013 World Championship team. I am training 7 days a week, living at home and working only one job this time around. With that being said all the things that an elite athlete should be doing, I can’t. Money allows me to get gear, have gym memberships, pay for sport therapist, and much more.

The Impact

Your donations will help me further my dream this season. Everything will be put towards running gear, travel expenses to meets, and much more. Donations will allow me to focus on the important factors, training and racing my best.

What I Need & What You Get

The donation you make will allow me to travel to meets within California and also to USA national meets in New Mexico and Iowa.  It will also allow me to pay for the things that come with training at the highest level; massage therapy, injury prevention, supplements, and gear. There are plenty of perks you can get with your donations if you want to take advantage of them. I want to have dinner with some of you, hold Q&A sessions over Skype, open up a day to go on a run with me, schedule a meet up at a practice session and so much more. Either way your donation(s) will be very much appreciated.

Other Ways to Help

If you feel at all uncomfortable with donating online you can send checks. Please know that all payments online go through Paypal. This is a very secure website and is linked straight to me and no one else. If still uncomfortable ...

Please send checks to:

Dominique Jackson

P.O. Box 2237

Fairfield, Ca 94533