Fall into Line

This past 2012 summer has been probably the most consistent summer I've had in a couple years. It's great to be back in California with great weather, great training environments, and positive energy. In a post about a month ago I touched on how I'm being coached by my high school coach again. It's great to have him as a coach again and to be working with someone who knows what works and knows what areas we can improve on. We've sat down and talked about what's to come, what our goals are, and what we've accomplished so far.

I've put in a consistent 10 weeks of work going into this fall season. With lots of base work consisting of hills,threshold workouts and long runs. It was difficult to get my body used to these workouts all over again but I'm happy to say I know it's what I needed. Out of these 10 weeks I've learned to fall back in love with my 9 to 10 mile long runs and to be honest I'm still learning to like threshold workouts. But at the end of them I can at least walk away knowing its going to make me that much better.

Last week was a big one for me. From a long run to a workout, to recovery days, to two more workouts. It started off being a regular week with my dang near 11 mile long run of 10.8 miles. By Tuesday my legs hated me. I wanted a 50mile week but I didn't know if my legs were going to stand up to it. So coach blessed me with two recovery days that consisted of 7 mile long runs. I guessed I missed the memo in college about recovery days being that long. Nonetheless they were needed. Saturday ended with a lovely threshold workout.

The plan was to go in and run 2x1.5 mile intervals with 2x1 mile intervals after. Running with the guys I've learned that if they go with something I can't seem to not follow them. They chose to do a 3rd 1.5 mile interval and I chose to go along. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew that in the late stages my focus was going to be pit up against my fatigue, but also knew it was going to make me better. Went out fast and closed well. Yea it hurt, I'm not even going to lie, but it felt good when my coach said "hey dang near 6 min pace for 3? I'll take it."

The transition phase as started though. Summer is over, fall is here and we are throwing some fun stuff in before going back to threshold workouts. Shorter, faster hill repeats and VO2 max workouts are here. I love running fast I do, but I admit I get scared if I still have it after my longer slow pace phases. However, I'm ready to rumble with 800 meter repeats, 600s, and 1000s.

I will update you all in the middle of the phase to let you know how things are going, but I doubt you will find me saying I dread this type of phase. I tend to love it after a week or so. Just the nature of my makeup I guess. But have fun running in rain, mud, cooler weather and seeing the leaves change around you. This is one the best seasons to get out and have fun on some runs. Let loose and fall into line!

Also stay tuned for some video fun of me working out soon. You will get to know me a little more and be able to help me achieve my goals if you wish. Love and hugs to all my running bugs!