The Pack Life

The last couple weeks have not been an easy road back. I'm back in California, training with one of the best coaches I have had in my career. Nothing has changed. He still demands 110% and a positive attitude. Having him actually be around me to see me practice is so much better than what it was before I moved back. I've learned in these last few weeks that my love for the sport is not lost and that with a little kick in he butt from the coach every now and again that long runs are not that bad. One thing that has changed is that I now have a group of excited,positive, and eager young athletes around me. My coach is a high school coach at an local high school in my city and the kids are just great! They remind me of myself from when I was younger in a lot of ways. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win as a team, and I've seen a lot of great things from them so far and I'm excited to be here to watch them grow towards the future.

It helps as well that I get to run with them,workout with them and I'm not doing it all by myself anymore, but I think the most gratifying thing is that I am helping them get better. Yes, I'm training to do big things next season but they are training to do big things now. On a run the other day I once again learned the importance of pack running. Something I have long forgot many years ago. When you're apart of a cross country team you learn how important it is to run within a pack. You learn that working together in practice only helps you on race day. I was running with the top boys pack and I could just feel their energy. Even though it was just a distance run they had so much pure excitement about working together to make one another that much better at the end of the run.

I had a good long run and was able to help out some of the younger guys as  well. I understand that not everyone wants to get out of bed or get off of work and have to go for a run/workout, but think about what the end result will be. If it's hard get a workout buddy. The pack life isn't about just running and being able to run together, it's about working hard and putting everything on the line for the person who is right by your side. If that be a friend, husband, wife, sister, brother or teammate, you want to make each other better.

To those athletes right now in a cross country season, think the next time you step up to the line for a workout. Are you working for you or are you working for that person next to you? Pack it up, run strong, strive to give 110% and don't look back. Positive energy, and pack living is all you need.

Thanks to all who read my blog. I really appreciate every like,share, and comment.