It has been a long while since I wrote a post. The problem is that I have been looking at this motivation post for the last couple months now. I started with a blank post, then went to a half written post, To only have another blank post. You can say my motivation wasn't completely there. But now I can share with you all what motivation is to me and what it can do. Motivation is defined as; The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

We all find our motivation in numerous things. It can be either from your past, what you want in your future, or passion for a particular subject. All you know is that you have a goal and you want to get there. That goal you have is your motivation. I have been running for the past eight years now. My motivation has changed almost every year. But of course it comes with the sport. When I look back though I can say there is one motivation that has stuck around and never seemed to fade away.

To Not Get Beat/To Never Be Second Best!!

This motivation I believe has kept me from quitting, as well as some other factors, but the main one is this. I live to come out on top, and even though I don't always, I can't seem to let go. Yes this might be because I love this sport with a passion, or the fact that I have goals I have yet to achieve. No matter what in the back of my mind I don't want to lose.

Losing to me is more then crossing the line not in first place. It's about what steps I might have took that prohibited me from crossing the line first. It's about what I could have done better in practice, in the race, and in my day to day life. All of these factors if you believe it or not, play into race day. Yes some days you just don't have that race and someone else is better. But what does that mean? To me that means I have a lot more work to do to make myself better then them. I may sound stubborn and crazy, but all I am is a competitor. I live and breathe competition.

I find motivation in the things I do every day to prepare for the next step. That excitement is what keeps me going. What keeps you motivated?