Our Deepest Fear ...

Please watch before reading the rest :)

Life is supposed to be bout taking chances, living every moment to the fullest but some how we forget that. We try do everything in our power to follow the path we want to follow. When in fact sometimes we just need to follow the path that is in front of us. We need to go with the flow of life,  and not try to swim in the opposite direction or any other direction.

our deepest fear

I wanted to write this post because of the things I've been going through. There's so many different things in my life right now that I want to take advantage of but I can only do one thing at a time and be truly happy, or I can find a way to merge all of them without killing myself emotionally and physically at the same time.

I'm am living my life in fear. Not due to the fact that there is something out to get me, but because I am afraid to fail. After running across this clip again I thought about what I really wanted. I sat down with people I love and talked to them about my frustrations and it just hit me now. Laying in my bed at 2:32am and I cant sleep because I'm thinking to much. Maybe the worst feeling you could ever have. I'm afraid that if I take a chance at life that it wont end up how I want it to. That is the problem right there. I am not supposed to plan my life, I am supposed to live it and hope that the choices I make work out the best way possible.

If you don't choose something that's in your heart, and you have been weighing on it for some time than all you have later in life is regret. I don't want to live with the regret of not taking a chance at what I've wanted for the last five years, and have been working for for even longer.

This poem means a lot. You can take what you want from it but I'll tell you my feelings on it. Our fear isn't that we are good enough at what we are doing, it's the fear of what we are capable of doing when we really try. Why sell yourself short? We are not here to take the easy way out of life, we are here to live with the fire and passion we were born with. So let go of the fear you have and see what you are capable of. As it says we are powerful beyond measure, meaning we can do whatever it is we wan't if only we do not have fear.

I'm happy to pass these thoughts along to you all and to finally say I am ready to conquer my fear and get on track with what I've fought, cried, sweat, ached, and had the passion for for the last eight years of my life.

Track and Field.