Falling Back Part 2

Going to the new Fleet Feet was fun. For it being the grand opening of the new store there was a lot of excitement going on inside. I happen to be friends with one of the manager's, so he let me record and get some great shots of the store in full swing. There is a bunch of new product and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Fleet Feet this big. The staff is helpful and so nice! You cant go wrong with what shoe they pick out for you, they know their stuff. So If your in the area tell them I sent you and have some fun. Now I bet yall are all wondering about the shoe I picked out and how they feel. Well after you read just click the video and you will see :). I also picked up a neat ball to help me do some exercises and rolling out. I've been having an issue with my arch so let's pray it's just tightness. Have a great fall and stay positive. This is where you get all your base and strength before you step on the track. It might not be 100% fun but you will see results soon.