Life as I Know it: The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown

Finals, track meet, graduation and my last home track meet. Whoa talk about busy. I had finals from April 26th to May 6th. All while I was pulling all nighters, hyped off of espresso shots from Starbucks and stressed beyond belief I still had to make sure that I was getting in runs/workouts. It was harder then ever to balance all what was happening around me for the first time in four years. Finals took a toll on my body when it came to running. My workouts and runs felt as if I hadn't run in months. Every step I took was painful and seemed like it was taking forever to travel just an inch. My body hated me and didn't want to be my friend.

With all of this, my family found their way all the way out from California to North Carolina for graduation. It was fun to have them here. May 7th we had a track meet, that of course I was scared to race in. Mostly scared because of how my body had felt from workouts before, but I had to push that in the back of my head and just run. I was glad that it wasn't an 800m race though. All I had to do was go run fast for 400 meters. Its funny to me every time I run this race, because I really feel so out of place next to all the real 400 meter runners. "Do you want blocks?"  The official always ask me that question, and well my answer is always no. I know how to use blocks, but do I like to use blocks? NO, I hate using blocks. Please don't ask me why, but I really have no clue... (haha). I stood on the line focused and ready to get it over with. Of course the stager was broken on me within the first curve, but like always I just ran my race. The 400m always hurts more then the 800m, but that day I felt pretty good. Strong and powerful the last 200m, I cross the line, look up and .....


"Did I just PR?" Well in fact I did PR that day. It's funny because my coach says maybe I can run faster if I actually use blocks, but oh well that as my last 400 meter open of my college career, we wont find out if I can go faster unless I run it as a professional.


Graduation landed on May 8th this year, a Sunday, as well as Mother's day. As my mom helped me get ready that morning I thought she was going to break down and cry, she can get quite emotional at times. We were out the door on a cold rainy graduation morning. Yes, it wanted to be cold and rainy on graduation, and of course it was in our football stadium. As the ceremony started I was so excited. Sitting by my roomie laughing, snapping pictures and trying to decipher what the commencement speaker was saying I was just happy to finally stand and turn my tassel. It can't be a Carolina graduation without Carolina Blue skies and well just as we turned our tassels, the clouds parted and the sun shone through. That's what I call a start of a great day. To be a Carolina alumni is a great accomplishment and my journey only starts there.

Once all the commotion settled down it was time to start a whole new week, a whole new mindset, and a hard week of practice. As everyone else in the country was preparing for their conference meets, I was getting a week of hard workouts and another needed 800 meter race. Just trying to improve my time going into regionals was what I was looking for. It didn't happen and I cant be mad, because I ran another solid race, I felt strong, I felt powerful, and I felt fast with another 400m (4x4).

Now as I get ready to embark into my last East NCAA Regional qualifier, I feel as nothing can stop me. People might think I'm not one to look out for, Good I like that. I like being the one chased, I like being the big name on top, but at the end of the day that is too much stress. I have learned over the years of running and competing with the best in the country and world, that it doesn't matter what people have done before or what I have done before that race. All that matters is I go out and hunt. UNDERDOG is my name, yes it can be looked at as a negative, or the bad part because I don't know for sure what will take place, but that's what this is all about. Running for the unknown.

I run to be the best. Why compete if your not competing to win? Think about that as you go into whatever you want to do. It doesn't have to be running, this can be applied to anything you are doing. From work all the way up to that school you are trying to get into. Don't stress to much though; it's not about just trying to win but also about what it takes. Do everything in your ability to improve yourself, the right way. Have fun while your doing this also, because if you aren't happy you aren't going to excel to the best of your abilities.