Almost the End

As I attach myself onto the leaders shoulder with 200 meters to go all that passes through my mind is "this is it." Before I know it i'm on the home stretch, making my way to the finish line. Everything around me is a blur, and the sound of the crowd is being over powered by my heart beating. I cross the line and...... I'm 4th.

This is what happened at ACC Championships in the 800m final. Being the two time ACC 800m Champion the last two years didn't matter that day. It was another race to try to go win. I wasn't able to get my 3-peat win that day but all I can say is I put all I had on the line. When I made my move on the back stretch, my teammates followed. We went 2, 3, 4 that day and all I can say is I am one proud Tar Heel. My teammates went out and PR'd and I was so proud of them. Even though caught in my emotions of not finishing how I wanted and not running a time I wanted, I found myself pushing them aside for a moment to realize the bigger picture. I went from running scared just a few weeks ago to running with extreme confidence. I went out there and nothing else mattered but doing what I had to for my team.

As I walked off the track and to my coach, the words of "you're okay. You dropped 4 seconds in a matter of 2 days." made me realize again that I am not done. Yes walking away from my last ACC Championships with no hardware is heart breaking, but the promise of what is to come is exciting beyond belief. It may seem like it is almost the end, but things have just started. I am going into my last couple days as a UNC undergrad, as well as graduation that comes right after that (on Mother's Day). Even though my life as a college student is ending, my career as an NCAA athlete still continues. I still have NCAA East Regionals, which are in Indiana, at the end of May and after that NCAA Outdoor Nationals.

This part of the season is always the greatest. After stressful finals, and a little more strength work on the track comes the best part. I bond more with my teammates, summer is nearing and school is over. Speed work comes, weights get less heavy, runs get shorter, and the sun makes me darker (haha). I live for these last two months or so and with it being my last go round, I am even more excited to make the journey a great one. So yes it is almost the end and I can look at it as a bummer or I can take it how it is and live for what's to come.

I have some big plans and some great opportunities coming my way and I will update you all when the time is right. Take everyday and live it to the fullest, never let someone deny you of being happy, and always think about what the future has to hold.

And..... side note:

Some may say that I am just a championship runner. That I show up when it matters. I can say yes this is true, but I don't want to be known as this alone . I am an athlete, I am a runner, I am a human being and most of all I am a Tar Heel.