Emotionally Driven: Good or Bad?

Have you ever done something that was driven by nothing but emotions? I think we all at one point have done this. Is it bad to act off your emotions or is it good? This is the question that I have been asking myself recently. Sometimes my emotions get in the way of how I respond to situations but not all. Good or bad I feel like if I said or did it that it was supposed to be that way anyway, but as I get older I see that not all my emotions are healthy for me or the environment that I am in. Me and my coach have had a couple heart to heart conversations lately and that's when I realize that my emotions at time cloud my judgement of workouts, races, and even how I am truly feeling at that moment in time.

I want you all to understand that at times being emotionally driven is good, but when it is all for positive reasons. Having your emotions dictate how you workout/run is not good when they are negative. Putting extra stress on your mind is just that more stressful to your body as well. Be positively driven when going into a race, run, or workout. It may not seem like it does much, but it does. When you let negative emotions get to you before a workout, it wont end well. Your body gets stressed, than your body gets tighter faster while you run. Your shoulders raise, your stride becomes short, and you start to strain. All these things are caused by fatigue, but when you are already stressed and have a negative mindset/emotions you are causing emotional fatigue before you even step on the track.

I am from here on letting go. What I mean by this is that I am going to stop being negative and go into everything with a "can do" attitude. It's not going to be easy, but at the same time what do I have to lose? Nothing is going to change from me having a change in thought. And the only thing that might change is my confidence and performance. Those two things that I miss dearly in my running career. So take the tip and be positive with everything you step into. It's not fun to doubt your natural/hard working talents.