Defeated by Upset

You cant go through your whole running career without having down times. I must have forgotten this simple little thought recently. I guess I felt since I had such a great year in 2009 that nothing should have changed from there on. But things changed all around and that's when I went from being on the highest peak to slowly going over the top and back down to the bottom. It was great to have that feeling of being a champion and becoming an All-American, but my world around me changed when I got a new coach the next year and plans of becoming a national champion under the hands of one of my favorite coaches changed dramatically. Dealing with defeat is never an easy task. With every step in 2010 all the way up until this point, has made me second guess what I really want in my life. After having talks with loved ones and even my soon to be coach after I graduate, I have started to remember that having a bad time is not the end of the world. That when you fall down you just don't stay down, but you get up and dust yourself off and start over.

I have learned over the last eight years that attitude can change everything. If you have a defeated attitude you will never become the person or athlete that you truly want to be. These last couple months have been a tough one and my attitude hasn't been all positive. I can admit that I was sucked into the downfall of everything around me and being negative felt easier than having a positive outlook at things. A tip to all: don't give up so easily. I had to step back after my conference championships and get myself back up from the bottom.

You can only do so much to make sure you run well, but the best thing you can do for yourself is be happy with the things around you. So I am taking the steps to better my attitude, to be happy with life, and never give in. We are all human and nothing comes easy, like in the fairytales, so I am not saying it's going to be easy to get back up that mountain I was once on. I want to take day by day and give my all in everything I do. My Coach, Adam Smith, will be there pushing me and telling me things I need to hear. You always need someone positive around you. Don't think that sticking around people who are always negative and never have a good outlook on things will be okay. You have to surround yourself with good people that make good decisions. It's easier to do achieve what you want when EVERYTHING around you is positive.

Letting you all know at this moment that I am on the train to success. If you want to jump on, come on and do it. Join me in my positive journey to the top and hopefully beyond. With your support and my support of all you out there then anything is possible. Let's go everyone! Stay positive and lets not let anything break us down to a defeated state of mind. "You can do anything you want if you put your mind to" and "at your best no one can beat you." Two great quotes I've been holding on to for six years. All courtesy of the great David Monk.

Outdoor season is here, so Good luck to everyone that's lacing up your spikes/shoes because the suns out and it's time to play!