Say it Aint So

Nike zoom victory spike

Say it aint so. Do you all remember when I blogged about these wonderful looking spikes? Well as I said I wanted these for championship season. Well just my luck when I went to go pick up my new spikes for this upcoming meet in Ohio, my coach told me that they were in his office behind the door. Picking them up and walking out the door I opened the box and almost fell to the floor. The throws and pole vault coach, Josh Langley, who orders the equipment is the BEST. The box held my "championship" spikes. I cant wait to lace these up and race in them. It's not like they are made any different than any other Nike Victory spike but it's because they are so close in color to my CAROLINA BLUE uniform.

This weekend is a big one. This weeks meet is going to be in Ohio on a 300 meter track and in a great facility. The goals are high and I'm ready to roll. I took an ice bath for the 2nd time this season after my massage on Wednesday and all I have to say is my shake out on Thursday morning my legs, back, and just my overall body felt like it did back in 2009. I will be racing on Saturday at 12:45pm EST. Results will be on GaReat(