Nike Zoom Victory Track Spike

Nike zoom victory spike
Nike zoom victory spike

We all have our favorite shoes to run in; this is one of mine. I absolutely love the Nike Zoom Victory Spike to race in. I first got them in 09' after they released them to the track world. These spikes hold up to tons and tons of races. I get a new pair every year but you really don't have to.  This spike comes in different versions for different events. As you know I run the 800m but this shoe can be worn for events 800m - 5000m. It's so light weight you feel like nothing is on your foot.

This season I will be getting a new pair. My coaches ran out and had to order some more so I cant wait to put a fresh pair on my feet. But I probably will be getting the regular grey/red ones. I have a wish list of so many running clothes and shoes so I had to add this color to my list. I am thinking about buying me my own pair, in this blue, just for big races. Tell me what your staple race shoe is. I would love to know.


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