I have been missing for the last couple weeks and I am sorry for not updating you all on what has been going on in my training. I am happy to say that my winter training is going great and I feel fit at this point. I have just about 5 weeks until my first indoor race and I am excited. The plan is to start off with something long. Me and the coaches are thinking 1200m or a mile at the first meet. The meet would be the V Tech meet on Jan. 14th. I may also run a 400m that weekend as well to get some turn over. It's nice to think that I will be on the track again. This is my last indoor season in the Blues (Carolina Blue). Below I thought I would share some of my workouts that I have jotted down from the last couple weeks.


Nov 13th 2010 Ladder Workout 1000m, 800m, 600m(400 time), 400m Recov 2mins

1000m - 3:15 800m - 2:36 600m - (73) 400m- 68

Nov 15th 2010 12 by 200m with 90sec Recov

(1)200m - 35 (2)200m - 35 (3)200m - 33 (4)200m - 33 (5)200m - 31 (6)200m - 31

(7)200m - 31 (8)200m - 31 (9)200m - 30 (10)200m - 32 (11)200m - 30 (12)200m - 29

Nov 29th 2010 6 by 300m with 75sec recov

(1)300m - 51 (2)300m - 50 (3)300m - 51 (4)300m - 50 (5)300m - 50 (6)300m - 48

Dec 6th 2010 Ladder - 800m, 700m(400time), 600m(400time), 500m(400time), 400m, 300m with 3min recov

800m - 2:30 700m - (75) 600m - (75) 500m - (74) 400m - 73 300m - 54



The next workout is what I did on Dec 14th 2010. I thought I would let you all see how I get my workouts done. This is my first workout video attempt so it's a little choppy but I will get better with time. The guy in the video is one of my coaches. He's name is Adam Smith. Hope you all enjoy it.

Other then that I am glad to say finals are over and all I get to do is train and lift until school starts back in Jan. I hope you all have great Holidays and I will keep you updated with what is happening back here in California, with my training.