Injury Prevention

core work

As I have learned over the last three years of my college career injuries are sure not fun to deal with. Aches and soreness that slowly becomes painful always hits you out of nowhere. I'm in my 4th month of training and I can tell you that I've had plenty of aches and have been sore but the most important thing that I have been doing to make sure that my injuries from the past don't come back is injury prevention. The Last couple weeks I have been hit with some back pain, and it might have got a little discouraging at first but I went to my athletic trainers to get some help. Having had a back injury my sophomore year, I remembered that core was my answer to getting better. 3 days a week I sit on my yoga mat in my room, hang off my bed and use my chair to get my core work done. It might be at times annoying and hard but I get it done. You have to remember you end goal when you do these things. My end goal of being the best I can be this season is what pushes me to make sure that my back soreness and aches don't become another full blown memory of my sophomore year.

Remember that you have the ultimate power on how your body feels. Doing the little things in the weight room, on and off the track/trails/roads, and with the right goal in mind is all that matters. Never become discouraged, with the right work and the right mind set you can do anything you put your minds to. Stay positive!