Running Approved

Nike Lunar Glide 2 Running Shoe

As of Thursday I changed from my old faithfuls to some new and improved Nike running shoes. I have been running in Nike's Zoom Elite running shoes since high school and they never have done me wrong. If I had a voice in the making of their shoes I would of told them to keep making them, but of course I don't. Thursday my coach gave me some new shoes and when I opened the box I felt like a little kid that just got a new toy. I love the smell of new shoes when you open the box, so for about ten seconds I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. When I opened my eyes I had fell in love. You know how people say love at first sight? Well this is what I had with my shoes. The Lunar Glide+ 2. As I took them out the box and took the paper out of them I was excited to put them on my feet and lace them up. Once on I felt like Cinderella. Light weight, comfy, and look great too. HAHA I am a sucker for fashionable running shoes. REVIEW: These run for $100 dollars and are well worth it. They feel great with every step I take. I run anywhere from 40 to 50 miles a week and I don't think these will break down on me. The cushion in them is great. There isn't too much, they are just perfect. One thing that annoyed me at 1st was the toe part. It's all mesh but it felt a little tight around my upper foot. After running in them for a little bit they loosed up. I also love the Flywire technology they have incorporated into these. They are super light. I race in the Nike Zoom Victory  Track Spike and that was the 1st time I experienced Flywire, but now to get that feeling on every run is FANTASTIC. Go to Nike to see the other colors they have.

On another note, yesterday we had a steak cookout for the team. It was also a surprise party for one of our coaches. She's pregnant and due in December. She already had a baby shower but since most of her family wasn't able to make it we thought we, as a team, would get together some money and get her a couple of things. She had no clue when we brought in the presents for her. She had tears in her eyes and was speechless. She does a lot for the team and program and for us to do this for her was great.

The food was okay and bonding with the team was fun. Things like this really make us a family. We also got her a cake. Too bad I didn't get any, it looked really good. But I don't need to be stuffing my face with cake anyway. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.