Morals, Goals and Values

Many of us have goals but a lot of us do not know where to draw their morals and values lines. I believe they all fit into the same category from time to time. As I look back on my training for the past week or so I noticed that I have adapted back to my old ways of living and training. I wouldn't be surprised if I go on with my life this way for a couple more years. I FINALLY feel good about what I am doing in my life and what is coming my way. I feel better and better in workouts, even if it's that day I feel like I'm not going to make it through. I've learned over the years that I have to do things for me instead of thinking about someone who will only be their for a matter of time. I can only make myself happy nonetheless. The last week or so of training has hit me hard and I have felt it in every possible joint, muscle and body part you can imagine. From doing about 12 hills, hard track intervals, hard tempo runs, long distance runs and lifting you can say my body needed a break on sunday. Even though it was Halloween and I wanted to get up and go play dress up on Franklin, I thought back to my goals and values. These are what's going to be the difference in winning and getting second. As monday rolled around and we had morning lifting/team meeting I realized I had put myself in to such a ball of stress with homework all weekend that my body that afternoon hated me. I dug down and remembered the ultimate goal as the workout got told to me, I had to get it done.

3 sets of broken 1500m is one thing that might sound crazy but I was very impressed with my performance and my strength in the end. The workout went a little like this;[1] 200 (50%) - 400 (67) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 300 (54) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 200 (34) then full recov (8mins); [2] 200 (50%) - 400 (64) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 300 (48) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 200 (31) then full recov (8mins); [3] 200 (50%) - 400 (62) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 300 (50) 90sec recov, 200 (50%) - 200 (30). That last set hurt but it was the 300 where I had to dig deep and just keep fighting. These things are not easy at all but if you want to be the best you do what you have to.

I am in my hump day and a massage is well needed. As I wait until it's my turn and write this blog I look back to see that my work so far is consistent and on pace. Last weekend was my last real weekend to have fun and I only took advantage of it a tiny bit. I missed the days where my morals, values and goals all lined up in a single line, so I took a hold of it again. I am excited to be back on track and ready to have all these negative thoughts and stress bubbles to be gone. Remember set goals, follow your value lines, and never let you morals slip from under you. To be happy is all in your hands and no one else's.  Have a great rest of the week and stay positive.