Take a Part your...

As my weeks wind down and school becomes a stress even more than before I have to remember why I do this thing called running. Last week I had to revaluate my mind and get away. The beginning of the week was short for official practice. Fall break started on Wednesday afternoon and when I tell you it was a well needed break from Chapel Hill, believe me. I found my way to Greensboro to my previous teammates for some well needed RnR. I love my teammates because they have my best interest in mind and I will always have theirs. The 2 workouts that I got in were all at 6min pace and I can strongly say I have mastered tempo pace and my tempos for this fall season. I cant wait to run a little faster and a little longer. The rest of the week was simple, lifting went as always. Had a ton of squats and legs that I cant complain about because that's what I love with a passion. A long run on sunday and a day off before that makes me think I'm doing something right this time. I haven't seriously felt this confident and strong since my senior year of high school. I'm ready to crush every workout that's handed to me and every challenge thrown to my legs. I have to remember though that I have to take a part my life bit by bit before putting it all together. I have so much going on I tend to forget that running, life and school is all three separate worlds.

my loves

Just remember all you runners and athletes out there, it's okay to step back from your reality and take a needed break from your regular surroundings. Go out and have fun with friends and do well needed reconstruction if needed. Go out enjoy some great fall weather, catch a movie or even crash and jus watch movies with a significant other at home. Take a part all the parts in your little bubble of mania and  HAVE FUN, it's not forbidden swear.