Missing in Action

I haven't posted because boy when I tell you school has taken over my life it has. Stressed and running doesn't go together 100%. My training has been hit or miss and it's been a little frustrating. As an athlete you learn to deal with the good and the bad. As a track athlete your good and your bad can make or break you. Confidence in your training is everything, well at least to me I know it is. With out confidence I might as well just give in to every workout that's thrown my way. I was hit with a sickness last week after having a good week of training the week before. 600s, 300s, tempo, and long run. It was maybe the best week of training I've had in a while but unfortunately it came with a down fall. Trials and tribulation... but even though being sick early in the week I had a good tempo and long run to end the week. When my legs feel like clockwork at 6min pace I know it's a good day AND when I can knock out a 60+ min long run, well hello strength.

Even though I'm feeling strong I still don't know where my true fitness lies. At this point in training I want more, I need more of a challenge or you can say I need a transition to come quick. As the weeks and months wind down I've noticed I am becoming more anxious to step on the track and race. But I have to calm down since I have about 16 weeks before I can lace up my spikes and let my body do what it does best. So I guess I have to be content with long runs, tempos and well maybe an xc race soon. HEHE yes I said it. Little do you all know I love xc with a passion. It's not fun but it's work that makes me feel like I'm doing something with my training.

Well it's been great updating you all on how I am feeling, but I have to get back to my studying and of course being a great NCAA STUDENT- athlete. Don't we all just love that combo, student-athlete, even though sometimes it should be the other way around. welp kisses