Love What You Do

So I have figured that I cant blog everyday since I am extremely busy from wednesday to friday. So what I will be doing is posting every week about the previous week. The post will either come on Sunday's or Monday's. So last week was maybe the week that I got back to doing what my mirror says to me every morning. "LOVE WHAT YOU DO". Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat were four days of true love in my eyes. Workout on Thursday showed me how strong I really am at this moment; both mentally and physically. It's funny how fast you can gain something back after only two/three weeks of training. I am more and more excited after each workout to step on that track in Jan or Feb to race the 800m. My love and passion is waking up and doing what I love. I go through the days waiting fro the weekend to come but deep inside I have a true fire burning to out work my competition anyway I can. This year means a lot; not only is it my last year as a Tar Heel but it is also my year to show people I am back to set my name in the books.


Saturday was another workout day, fartlek. I must say going up in weights on Friday made my legs so sore and heavy that I thought at the start of the workout that I wasn't going to make it. I got through the first two pick ups and knew at that moment things would get better. As we got to the last pick up , number 5, I felt strong and powerful. The same as I did in the tempo on Thursday. Taking sunday off from running I calculated my mileage for the week and a total of 42miles under my belt sounded good. I'm ready for another week of doing what I love to do.

This week entails a lot of work and maybe a little more mileage to add to the tank. New weight room workouts started this morning and yes I still despise arm weights. We also got a little bit of our schedule for the upcoming seasons and I am kind of excited. AZ Makes the list of places we will travel to for outdoor season and what's better then to make a trip back out west. Do what you love and never look back because once you get wrapped up in a positive web you will have more fun then you will ever expect.

Have a GREAT week,