More than Less

Tuesday's day brought me back to high school days. The day started early and ended late like any other day but my workout is was my bread and butter. Drills are getting a lot better and I feel as if maybe just maybe I do have some type of fast twitch right now, at least more then I did last week. Still not perfect but the more you do something the better you become. I was glad to get off the track and get in a longer run even though it was still hot beyond belief. The high for Tuesday was definitely 10 degrees less then Monday but it was still hot for a run. Stripping down to my Nike Sports bra and Nike Pro compression shorts after drills I thought to myself  "I haven't sweated so much in so long". Hurdle drills seemed to go by fast and with perfect form I got through them as I always do. Theres nothing like a set of 6 hurdles to go over, under and around. My hips are starting to get used to the hurdles and my burn has become less prominent then before.

Coach David Monk and I
Coach David Monk and I

Coach is all about getting in a run, but its never over 20mins. I consider 20mins a warm up on somedays, well sure did in the past, but now it is not my warmup. I'm supposed to get in 20mins but of course since for some reason I consider myself a mini distance runner I chose to go longer. 35mins was great with my teammate. I didn't have to run alone and I didn't feel bad the last 8 - 10 mins of the run. I felt strong and fit. I can tell when I feel good on an easy distance run that I am slowly getting there. My goals will take more then less and I'm ready to tackle them head on. Give me more weights, more distance, more intervals, more, more, more. I rather more then less. This doesn't mean I don't know how to take a day off or even cut back when my body starts to hate me from all the work, but I know how much my body can handle and I love every bit of it up to that point.

When I got back from my run I knew that this man above (David Monk) would be proud of how I am carrying myself as an athlete. As I pushed out my 600 abs I realized again that my running career is due to this man. The sacrifices that we both made in our coach-athlete relationship made us both better people. When I feel like there's nothing else I remember that life is not as simple as movies and even TV make it. So take chances, trust those who invest in you and never look back and regret things. All things happen for a reason.