Monday Training Sept. 12th 2010

Carolina Track & Field

Morning: 6:45am starts practice and with that being said what else could you love but an early morning practice. Well sleep of course. But with that being said I was up and out the door by 6:15 and ready to get my day started off the right way. Practice came and went all in a mater of an hour and it didn't seem so dreadful until I started to feel sore. See practice in the mornings entail lifting and getting in a mini distance run. Boy when I tell you I hate lifting with my arms I mean it but at the same time I know its what makes my legs move faster and power down that last straight away. I got through the morning run of 20mins with ease and felt as if maybe just maybe I do love this thing called running in the AM to get it out the way. But ooh wait I forgot this is a two-a-day Monday and my day was not over.

Afternoon: 3pm rolls around and here we go again. The dreadful excitement getting out on the track in 90+ degree weather is unlike any other you may know. As I opened the track doors to step outside on that beautiful Carolina Blue track the sun hit me with the hardest open hand right across the face and at that very moment I thought to myself "WHY didn't I bring a hat to practice?" From going through the warmup with the jumpers, sprinters, and every other event on my team I start to notice that I really suck at drills. I truly am not a sprinter and my fast twitch muscles are defiantly not liking me this early in the season because they are nonexistent. Monday was defiantly a easy day in the books. With only having to do another run, which I went for 29mins, and to come back hit 600 abs and hurdle drills. Boy how I love hurdle drills. Never will in my life will I run & jump over a hurdle but I will do hurdle drills any day. As I am going through my drills my coach calls out and ask if I had ever run hurdles in HS. Boy that was sure funny but of course I responded with a giggle and a no. The next thing to flow from my mouth was that my HS coach made us do hurdle drills 3 days a week. They to me are part of my bread and butter work days. The burn in my hips makes me feel strong and powerful, and I know that sounds funny but it lets me know I'm working my butt of not only running but doing my drills. I ended my day sweaty, smelly and in need of a shower. Home I went to get clean, relax, eat and do a little bit of studying. To only have dreams about one day crossing that line and achieving my goals.