Why Happiness Is My Number One Priority

happiness as a priority | Nikki's Haven

There’s something about being truly happy that just sets your soul at ease. Many of us know this feeling, want this feeling, and crave this feeling on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s not always that easy to have it.  

It’s that time of the year again when I slow down, start to think about the past months, and how my life is lining up this year. We all have goals we set during New Years, and most people will do a check point at 6 months, but for me I think it’s crucial to have these moments a little more often, or maybe it’s just my OCD that makes me think it’s crucial. But either way, I use the start of fall season to readjust myself and reconnect with what truly makes me happy. 

Before I sat down to write this post I was talking to a co-worker about happiness and what it truly meant. For me happiness as never been a tangible thing, but more of a feeling or state of being. I love hearing how others perceive happiness, and in that moment where she was talking about her family, close friends, and certain foods, it dawned on me. Have I been looking at happiness the wrong way these past years? Even though I have never thought it to be tangible, was I missing out on the feeling all the time because it was? 

In this day in age I believe we associate happiness with tangible elements we can see and touch because it’s something we are constantly exposed to already. Instagram feeds are plastered with smiling faces, glamorous travel locations, and the “ideal” happy life. But in reality that’s a picture of what one person is feeling or wants to be feeling. Happiness can be many things, but at the end of the day I still feel the need to link it back to the feeling something gives you. Either that be family, food, or your favorite place, we feel happiness more as a sensation rather than an object.


Now what does that mean for me and why am I rambling on about the sensation of happiness? Well because at the end of the day I came to the conclusion that no matter what is going on I needed to put my happiness at the forefront of my life. Now we all go back and forth on what we believe will make someone else happy, and what that might look like, but we never ask ourselves what it looks like for us. I might be wrong, I might be the only person that does this, but I don’t think that's the case. I am a natural pleaser. I want everyone to be happy and everything to flow in a manner where I don’t rub anyone the wrong way. HA, I don’t know why in the world I would subject myself to so much of a headache, because the reality is we have no control of anyone else, especially their happiness. At the end of the day you are responsible for your own happiness and how you are truly feeling. So why aren’t we putting ourselves first.

I love to create, share, and sometimes be overly over scheduled. I’m happy with a little chaos in my life, and I know that. It keeps me busy, productive, and truly happy at the end of the day. I had to learn this about myself through trial and error, but learning this made me truly understand why my happiness was a priority. My happiness might look crazy to others, and at this moment in my life I’ve learned to not care about what other think. Our ideal society thoughts are still a bit skewed with social media and popular culture. But there comes a moment when your life out weighs popular culture. That’s when you will truly be happy and truly put your happiness first. If you’re in a relationship, are a mom, or a dad, all this still applies. Know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” It’s applies more than just to a wife but you get where I’m going(hopefully). If you are happy with yourself your relationships look a lot more happy as well.

So in this I want you all to think what truly makes you happy, and what you can do to put aside all the distractions. Your happiness needs to by your number one priority and than everything else will fall into line.