How to Keep Florals In Your Wardrobe This Fall


A Statement Piece - Florals are such a statement piece. I love how you can add it to any outfit to make the outfit that much more fun. Pair it with white, black, or tan so the pop of your floral piece stands out. My pants can be paired with about almost any of these colors on top and it's a whole new outfit. 

Keep it Dark - Don't get me wrong I love a bright floral piece but in the fall I like to keep it more simple. Florals that are on darker fabric or that play up the jewel tones we all love in the fall is the way to go. 

Mix it Up - It's totally okay to add another print to your outfit when you are wearing florals. To me there are not set rules in fashion. Wear what makes you feel good and wear it with confidence. I loved when I pulled out this striped top and placed it with my floral pants. Sometimes its hard for me to make a choice on things when I'm thinking about what others might wear. But in all honestly you have to wear what you love and someone else out there will love it too.