How Investing In Yourself Means Investing In Your Brand


What does it mean to invest in your brand? Many of times we think investing in our brand means putting time and money into our business, but in this day in age it's a little more than just that. Building a personal or business brand is an essential part of building a successful career or business. Having a strong brand helps others better understand who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer. Even though we all start with the idea that it's about getting more clients, it's really not. Building a brand is about positioning yourself in order to attract the right clients who are aligned with your values, visions, and ideals. In today's world of social media, investing in your brand also means investing in yourself. Since most of the time now we promote our brands through our instagrams, twitters, and etc. It is linked to who we are, what type of content we are posting, and how we are showing our audience/clients we have something of value. So does what your putting out link back to your brand and the potential client you want? In my case it wasn't and I had to figure out who I was before I could figure out my client. 

What do I mean by invest in yourself? Now by all means throw money at yourself and maybe the bank too, but what I really mean by invest is by digging deeper into yourself. We went over this a little in the blog post Being The Best You, but let's relate that back to our businesses. For me my best branded-self is personable, fashion savvy, and ready to take on the world. When I figured that out I was able to stop hiding behind the "fluff" of an instagram caption. For me I wanted to connect with my audience, let them know more about me, and give them a true idea of what they were following. I wasn't doing that by posting simple captions that had no real meaning. So what did I do? You might have noticed my captions have gotten longer, they contain things to inspire or give you a deeper look into my life. I invested in taking a chance on spilling my guts and connecting with my future client. You can do the same and here are my top 2 tips on how to do so.

Give Yourself Permission 

When's the last time you gave yourself permission is just be you on social media? What did that look like and what reaction did you get? Our most truest self is what people want to see. Everyone on social media is trying to follow the grain, so why not be different by being yourself. All that matters is that you are happy putting out content that shows who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer. You will attract the tribe you want when you finally are yourself. People see through the fluff and the fake real easily and that's not what we want our businesses to portray. Giving yourself the permission to be yourself will build a brand you can be proud of. 

Create Content for Your Younger/Future Self

Now this may sound weird but in all honesty I found that creating content that I would want to hear down the road or want to know when I was younger is the content that thrives the most for me. By digging into yourself and posting things that have some relevance in your life will connect with someone who's been there or going through it at that time. You have learned a lot, experienced a lot and have a lot to share. Even if you don't believe it at this moment, you need to start to some time soon. Educating your audience is beneficial when you start to roll out your products to sell.