Coffee Conversations

coffee conversations august

This coffee conversation is about three and a half month late. Well, see what had happened was... I can't really act like it wasn't my fault that I didn't sit down and write about my monthly happenings. I was in an unmotivated state once again and was still trying to figure out what it truly meant to be Dominique. Over that last couple of months I can honestly say that learning to trust myself a little more has become better. If you're anything like me then that lovely alter ego of yours doesn't truly come out as much as you'd like it to. Last month I wrote about Being The Best You, and that those steps have helped me become the person I actually envision myself in everyday life. Trusting my gut over the last month seems a little more natural again and I'm excited to be in a better space. Crazy what a mindset change and a little trust in yourself can actually do.

The last couple month I've also tried to experience more. What does that mean really? Well you'd think that since I've been officially living in Sacramento for two years that I've explored all there is to offer. WRONG! There are still so many things on my list to experience in the Capital of California, and I'm excited to end the summer with a few checked off my list. I've fallen back in love with soccer and watching Sacramento Republic FC games has been fun this summer. On top of actually getting out in the community and watching movies in the park thanks to The Midtown Association's summer movie nights at Sutter's Fort. If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you'd also see that I've gotten the chance to actually take a chance and experience a new job. 

My new job is the job I thought I'd get out of college or once I actually put up the spikes. But the darnedest thing happened while I was on the take more chances train a couple months ago. My physical therapist and I have been joking for ages about me upgrading their social media presence and making sure everyone knew what great work they do. The joking finally stopped with I agreed to take over all their digital media. Say what I can actually use my degree and do something I fully love for a living? I knew this was possible for running and yes, I knew it was possible for others who had more connections in the digital media world. But did I really feel that someone would actually hire me for something that I love to do on a daily bases? No I didn't because those things don't happen for me. I took a chance and it has been the best thing I could have ever done. I'm excited about content again, and I couldn't think of any other place to start my digital media job but with a sports focused physical therapy clinic. 

So what have I learned these past couple months? I've learned that following your gut, giving yourself a chance, and living life with just a better outlook actually beneficial and not just a crock advice given in every self-help book out there.  So what about you? How have you been the last couple months and have been been feeling anything like I have? Life's a frickin' roller coaster and my journey is one that I hope you can relate to. We all need someone to talk to from time to time and ya'll have been such a group to talk to. Let's start the conversation in the comments about what it means to take more chances and live a life trusting yourself more. I'd love to hear how many of you are on the same journey as me or how many of you have it "figured out". 

Until the next coffee date. xoxo Nikki