Tips On Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

I get a lot of questions about what my diet consist of, or how I maintain such strict eating habits. Well in all honestly I don't always eat perfectly, and I don't consider how I eat a quote on quote diet. Living a healthy lifestyle means different things to different people. For me it means making sure my body is getting what it needs on a daily basis, but also not ignoring cravings when I do get them. I know some diets have helped people and they feel great about it, but I've never been one to restrict myself from certain foods. Being an athlete has helped me maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and I hope sharing what I've learned along the way will help you either start a healthy lifestyle or keep one going. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Nikki's Haven

Maintaining my healthy lifestyle consist of working out, and eating to not only nourish my body, but to give back to it. What do I mean by that? Well if you didn't know already; when you workout you are basically damaging your muscles. To help them become "healthy" again you need to fuel your body with what was just lost. Let's use this example; say your car takes premium gas, and you've been driving all day so your tank is almost on E. When you go to pull into a gas station what would you put into your gas tank? Definitely not unleaded gas. You would automatcially push the premium button. Why would you ever put "unleaded gas" into your "premium gas" tank (aka your body!)? So the food we put into our bodies needs to be what it actually needs. So if you're working out and you just hit the weights hard, you're going to need protein to build them back up and start the recovery process. Now I'm not going to get all technical in this post because, one I'm not a nutritionist and two, I follow what has always worked for me. If you are looking for more of a scientific layout please visit with a nutritionist and see how you can fuel YOUR body with what it needs. 

Okay so lets get into the good stuff. Below I have my top tips on what has helped me along the way and hope it helps you. Let's start a conversation below on what is working for you and how you plan on maintaining your lifestyle.

Find what works for you:

 I'm all about finding what works for you. For me I know that counting calories and macros makes me stressed out. So those are two things I don't actively do. But when I met with a nutritionist we noticed that I was missing certain nutrients in my meals. So please if you do anything just sit down with a nutritionist to get a better feel for what you might be missing. I highly recommend this for all of you that maybe have allergies to foods or even are vegetarian. I've noticed that when we try to cut certain things out due to a diet or other things, we tend to miss some of the vital nutrients our body actually needs. My nutritionist helped me see that on workout days I wasn't getting enough PROTEIN to help me recover properly. That was such a huge help in my training and performance as an athlete, but also once I did start upping that intake of protien I noticed I felt so much more energized the next following days after a workout.   

Keep track of what you're eating:

I use the app My Fitness Pal (Android and iOS). This app has helped me see all the things like protein, carbs, sugars, fats, and etc that I am putting in my body. The app has so much benefit I believe its a game changer for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. You can keep track of your calories, macros and even water intake. This app is how I see how much protein I've consumed on workout days but also it lets me know about my sugars. For me I know when I start to crave sweets it's most likely because I'm not getting much natural sugars in my body. If you don't want to download the app I still suggest keeping a food log. Yes it seems a little crazy, but even if you do it for a week you will start to see what you are actually putting in your body. It is truly something that is going to help you towards your goals of maintaining that healthy lifestyle.

Tips on Healthy Lifestyle | Nikki's Haven

Never deprive yourself:

Please never deprive yourself of a craving or certain food, unless you have an allergy to that certain thing. I always say it's okay to treat yourself sometimes. There's nothing wrong with that, so just cave in and buy that ice cream you have been wanting. Or make those cookies you saw on the Food Network channel. We all work so hard, either in the gym, on the roads, or shoot even at work. So live a little girl! What's my guilty pleasures, anything sweet and salty. Now I don't eat these things all the time but believe me, if I want McDonalds fries you will see me eating them. I find that if you do these things in moderation you will be totally fine and your workout or all your hard work wont be null and void because of one meal/treat. So go ahead and enjoy that chocolate. 

Have confidence in YOU:

The biggest thing I see missing from people who want to start a diet is one little thing. They all just want to have CONFIDENCE in themselves. I understand. We live in a world where Supermodels, Instagram models, and fitness gurus are the ideal body types. But guess what, you still look good in that bathing suit, or those jeans even if you don't think so. As long as you carry yourself like the bad ass you already know yourself to be everything will be fine. If you are doing this healthy lifestyle change for you to live a better all around life then great! That's what you should be doing. Just remember, when you love yourself and don't compare yourself to others, that is when you're inner beauty and strength will shine through. The healthy eating lifestyle will just be an extra bonus. 

So let's keep this healthy living lifestyle going. I'm so excited to hear all about how you are either starting your journey or how you are maintaining your lifestyle. Let's talk about it below in the comments.