Learning to Take a Chance on Living


By definition "Take A Chance" means: To do something that could have either good or bad results 

I could have sworn that I was one of those people to always take chances in life, but when I recently reevaluated everything I was sooo wrong. Last October I was given a chance to take a leap of faith, do something new, and take a chance on something totally different. In that moment I realized that I actually don't take enough chances on living in the moment. The opportunity that was given was awesome and how could I not take it. But I battled back in forth on if I should take it or not for some reason. So I finally had to ask myself when was the last time I took a chance on my life, and how did it turn out? The last time I could recall that I had taken a big chance on my life was moving back to California in 2012. OMG!! Had it really been that long? I started to see a pattern to my "taking chances" moments, and they all were very calculated chances. Which makes the phrase "taking a chance" null and void honestly. So I took the leap of faith in October to do something different, and take myself completely out of my comfort zone. Even though it didn't fully turn out completely how I saw it, I now value the time I took to risk something. 

When I was younger, which for some reason I could only identify as just my high school years, I took more chances without a care in the world. I always went with my gut, and was fine with failure if it happened. As I have grown older I find it harder and harder to go with my gut and actually trust my natural risk taking nature. I get that as you get older and responsibilities grow, that taking chances are harder. But it should never be as calculated as I made it. My risk were all dependent on how I could effectively benefit from in the moment. How and the hell is that taking a chance? It's not, and thats why when I sat down in October to mull over this life risk I had such a hard time figuring it out. There was no guarantee that I was going to come out the end with a result I wanted, and what it held for me in the future.

Taking a Chance on Living | Nikki's Haven

Fast forward to present day, as I sit and write this post, I'm glad that I took a risk to just go with my gut last October. I meet great people, got to explore some new places and experience life outside my little bubble. How has it helped me today though is the real question. Well I fell in love with my uncalculated, random side all over again. Nikki was able to be seen for the first time in real life instead of from just behind a camera lens. I was then able to see that I could have both worlds. The responsible, serious adult Dominique and the random, big kid Nikki. I learned something about myself in a matter of four months that has led to a more confident, well rounded women. 

When was the last time you took a chance on life and called on your uncalculated big kid? You might have already reached the point of your life where you have found a great balance of taking risk and being an adult. Maybe you haven't. So how do you continue to balance the two and how do you even start. I hope that I can help you with just that. 

Stop Overthinking...

Now let's get into the good stuff. Stop overthinking every little aspect of your life. Some things are meant to be more fly by the seat moments. If your gut is saying take that trip, then take the trip. Now yes, there are adult choices in when spending money on trips, big items, and such; but if those aren't factors in your decisions just take a chance. If it doesn't turn out the way you saw it, well you got to experience something new and believe me, down the road you will be wiser in the next situation. 

Plans don't always go as planned.

Yes it's true. You can plan every moment out in detail but it can still be flipped upside down. I can admit that I am an over planner. It might just be my OCD or I might be a little be of a control freak, ekk. Whatever it is I have had to learn that my plans never pan out exactly how I planned them. So with that being said I have learned that it's okay to take a chance in the middle of my planned mess of a life. Like stepping back from my stable income to pursue more time running, blogging and exploring life. Four months of this gave me great experience I can now say has lead to me working as a social media director. So STOP over planning. 

Nikki's Haven - Learning to Take a Chance on Living

Your natural risk taker is normally right.

You know that gut I was talking about earlier? Our gut is normally right when we get a feeling about something. The only reason I can say this is because my gut feeling has never steered me in the wrong direction. Our gut feelings are guided by are morals and values, so it's okay to listen to it. We sometimes let emotions, others opinions and overthinking take over our true gut feelings. If you want to take a risk and your gut is telling you to do it, just take the chance. Like I said before if you fail at something you will come out the other end stronger and wiser. I have had to learn that going with my gut is okay and everything will work out how it's supposed to. So let those butterflies soar and take that risk. 


What is your biggest struggle with taking a chance on living and how are you going to explore options to be more of a risk taker?