Being The Best You

Being the Best You | Nikki's Haven

I woke up this morning in the worst mood. I didn't get much sleep the night before, I knew I was waking up because I made a commitment to getting a few things done before work. But in that moment where my alarm was blazing and the sun was barley shining through my window I was all hell mad. What happened to those days where I'd wake up with a smile, and be so ready to start the day? In all honesty I think I've only had a few of those because I can attest to not being a morning person, especially without my coffee. How do you wake up? If you wake up cheerful, happy, and totally enthralled about starting the day, I applaud you and want you to teach me your ways. 

Whilst my days have seemed to have started like this this past week, it got me thinking about just how growly I can be sometimes and how I'd love to be my best self more often. Yes, not everyone will have a constant smile on their face every moment of the day, but there is a side of me, and a side of you, that I'm sure you'd love to bring as often as possible. That side of me gets out of bed early, and feels grateful about the day ahead. As I enjoy the sunlight dancing through my half closed blinds while I make my way to the kitchen. Sticking in a Illy Medium Roast Coffee Pod into my Keurig Brewer and making a yougurt parfait with my ginger-molasses granola. As I get ready for the day with 90s music playing in the background, I find myself leaving the house with no frown. To later come home that night having bossed the day, been super productive, made a few new friends and can now finish my day with a bubble bath, glass of wine and Netflix. This doesn't happen often and I'm starting to finally realize why. 

Just take a second to think about the person or side you prefer. We all have one a side of ourselves that we prefer to come out the most; that side where we're the happiest. How could you potentially get to that point everyday? If you're drawing blanks on some of these questions, have a peek into some of my thoughts on it, and how I want to change up myself to get the best out of me. Permanently. 

Being The Best You | Nikki's Haven

Who are you really?

Okay let's kick this off. How to be the best version of you. Well firstly, define who that is. What is it about this side of yourself that you love the most? Your best side will most likely not be like mine. I am starting to define myself as a workaholic recently. So my best side is what I consider to be the most productive, total badass, getting shit done kind of side. I'm still that very loving, passionate and goofy person, but I'm still okay with coming home and getting dinner done. Staying happy, upbeat, and totally zoned in is what keeps me afloat. For you, your best side might look different. It might be your most friendliest, loving side. It could be that strong and confident side that takes on the day with no fears. My best advice is to really look into yourself to find who you want your best self to be is, and what it looks like on a daily basis. 

The Best Version of You | Nikki's Haven

Get yourself organized.

Having a plan is maybe the biggest part of starting my day. I have self-proclamied that I have OCD. So starting my day knowing what is on the agenda puts me at ease. Emails, done. Blog post, scheduled. Workout, ready to take it on full steam ahead. My life is just better planned, but that's easier said then done. It all comes down to being organized and efficient with my time.  So if you want to be organized find out what works for you. What does that look like. For me, planner, phone, and written notes is what keeps me on track throughout the day. A little much? Yes I know, but like I said I have OCD.

Being The Best You

Be your most beautiful. 

What makes you feel beautiful? It might be totally different then what makes me feel beautiful. For me, it's slicking back my hair, throwing on workout clothes, and crushing a hard workout on the trail or track. Don't get me wrong, I also feel beautiful when I throw on a full face of makeup and stand behind a camera. But for me I thrive in my best element, being an athlete. You may thrive in your favorite dress, or that comfy oversized sweater. On those days you're not feeling amazing find your go to thing that makes you feel beautiful. Go through the whole routine and don't overthink it. On those days where things aren't so perfect, you bet you can find me jumping in the shower, picking out my best outfit, singing along with 90s/00s music and stepping into my alter ego. Not only do I feel like I look my best, but then I feel my best. Sometimes all it takes is a little time spent on you to feel 100% like your best self. 

The Best You | Nikki's Haven

How to Stay at your Best.

What keeps you from being this best self of yours? Try to figure that out. Is it frustration, fatigue, or something else entirely. Only you can sit down and work out what makes you feel your best and what it will take to drive you out of feeling worst. When I start to get lazy, let running fall to the waste side, and my motivation for writing slip, my life starts to fall out of line. So I've learned that writing things down. scheduling things in spreadsheets, my phone and my planner, keeps me on track. It makes me happy knowing that everything is right in front of me and I'm in control of my day. If you hate cleaning, then find a cleaner. If cooking dinner frustrates you, then talk to your partner about them taking on that task sometimes. Whatever it is, you have the power to find a solution and fix it. You don't have to be stuck in a mode of not being your best self. You just need to get your confidence back. So do whatever it takes to start channelling your inner bad ass again. 

There are a number of ways to push out the worst in yourself and leave the best. All it will take is acknowledging the traits that bring out the worst in you. Then focus on all the best things that make you you.