North Lake Tahoe Travel Guide

North Lake Tahoe Travel Guide

North Lake Tahoe

T R A V E L   G U I D E

This winter season I have a been in Tahoe way more than I have ever been in my life. Before last year I had just spent time in South Lake Tahoe, so last summer when me and my friends went to North Lake Tahoe I fell in love with how different yet cool it was compared to South Lake. Me and my guy have made North Lake Tahoe our new favorite place this fall and winter. From spending his birthday, random trips, and a New Year kick off. So I thought I'd share with you all the things and places I've come to love about North Lake Tahoe. I hope this helps you plan your upcoming trip. 

Places to Stay

  • Hotels

    • Ritz Carlton: When I walked into the Ritz Carlton for the first time I fell in love with the warmth and elegance made me wish I was walking thru the hotel in a lush puff coat, thick tights, and snow boots. Okay I might be over exaggerating a bit, but I felt like it was definitely a place I could find myself with all my girls for a spa day. Or even with my guy for a luxury get away. 
    • Resort at Squaw Creek: The Resort at Squaw will one day be where I get married (finger crossed). I fell in love with how homey, and inviting it was when I walked in. And the views are to die for! 
    • Basecamp Tahoe City: I haven't been to Basecamp but I've heard nothing but rave reviews and all the photos of this place are great. Make sure to check it out yourself to get the scoop.
  • Airbnb's

    • Tranquil Tahoe Rental: For my guy's special day we booked this Airbnb literally 2 hours before arrival. I can't explain how much I fell in love with this place. The kitchen is a little bit of my dream kitchen, there are two bathrooms, and the cutest gas burning stove to heat up the space. The couple had it all decked out in fall decor, which of course made my heart swoon, and if I could I would have taken a bath in the claw foot tub five times. Even though we were only there for a short time, we found the space warm, cozy, and ultra comfortable. It is a little out of the way from North Lake but well worth the stay. It even inspired my guy and me to get a cabin in Tahoe and Airbnb it!
    • Alpine Meadows Private In-Law: Another little private place for you and who you're traveling with. Again this is on my must list because, well its sticking beautiful. With how many times I've found myself in Tahoe, it's only a matter of time that this is my next place I stay. 
    • Milk & Honey Cottage (Honorable Mention): This little Cottage is an honorable mention because it's in Auburn, CA and not in North Lake Tahoe. The only reason I mention it is because it was a place we stayed as an in between Sacramento and Tahoe on one of our trips. I love Farmhouse decor and this little cottage had everything my little heart could ask for in that department. Erica the owner lives in the main house on the property and couldn't be any sweeter. The fridge was decked out with eggs, strawberries, and orange juice for breakfast. The pellet fireplace was lit and had the place cozy the whole night. As you can tell I have a soft spot for stand alone fireplaces. Make sure to find follow their Instagram to for cute inspo!

Ski/Snowboarding Resorts

  • Squaw: Runs, snow, and lots of them. This place is a renowned resort that you will fall in love with if you are a expert skier or snowboarder. If you haven't been, it's a place that needs to be put on your list. 

  • Northstar: I love that northstar has a little more than just skiing and snowboarding. The Village at Northstar as given me a chance to shop, walk around and explore while the guy takes on the big runs. The ice skating rink is now also my favorite. 

  • Boreal: Little but mighty. This is a great place to go during the week, especially if you are just learning to ski or snowboard. There are plenty of runs and also great things to do with family and your little ones. And Woodward Tahoe is the best jump house, BMX park, and place to learn new tricks I've ever seen. 

Donner Pass Soda Springs Scenic Route

My Favorite Spots

  • Northstar: This is my favorite place because of all the great things you can do with friends and loved ones. The Village at Northstar not only has shops, but they have things like ice skating and events for families. This was the first place my love and i made "HOME" and we find our way back their more than we ever thought we would. 

  • Historic Truckee: Okay now this place is small, but there are lots of great places in historic truckee. The shops are way to cute not to walk in and Marty's Cafe has become our favorite breakfast spot. It's a must if you haven't been. 

  • Soda Springs Scenic Route: Do you see that photo of donner lake? If you ever want to go to Northstar the long way, make sure to take the scenic route thru Soda Springs. My love of course find this way and thought I'd love it. He was right. I love everything about the winding roads, the views, and even the little house tucked on the clif as you drive down. You don't want to miss this!