Coffee Conversations

Where has the month of January gone? I can't believe we are already headed into February and can't believe how crazy January actually was. I thought I was going to jump full steam ahead into blogging and exploring more social media. That of course did not happen, but lots of other things did. This post usually goes out the last Sunday of the month but with everything going on and how fast this month has gone I forgot that I didn't even finish the post. But let's get into the month of January. 

Coffee Conversations Nikki's Haven

I started the month in Salt Lake City. In the last Coffee Conversations I let y'all know I was on the plane for a New Years in Salt Lake City. It was great and I had so much fun with the significant other celebrating our first New Years, as well as our first Christmas(late). From SLC to North Lake Tahoe and then back into the bustle of work, running, coaching, and life. I started to plan January blogs, and get an idea of what I wanted my 1st month of the year to look like. Well that plan did not pan out as life and work got a little more hectic than what I expected. I have to remember that no matter how much I plan I can't account for life and outside factors.

January looked a little like this; I was coaching non-stop for the first 2 weeks as we headed into our first indoor competition, all while working. In the same first two weeks, I got a promotion at work and that came with stress and happiness. The third week of January was slower but by all means still fast as ever as I came down with the flew while I was preparing to go on a weekend trip back to Tahoe with my guy and head into a busy last couple days of January. So as you can see, the month didn't even seem like a true month, haha. You know that feeling you get each year you get older the year just seems to fly by? I'm definitely experiencing that a lot more then usual and I really don't like it(haha). 

However, I can't complain about this past month. I love everything that has happened, everything I've learned and everything that has come in this month. I've grown closer to my best friend, I have had to learn how to make a little more adulting decisions, and I have become closer to God through the word. Growth sometimes can be a scary thing when you start to confront it head on in the moment, but when you get through it on the other side you become a wiser person with a lot more grit. What's on the agenda for February? Lots of self-love and becoming kinder to myself. I find it funny that I've fallen into self-love for next month because it is of course the month of love. What are some things you plan to do for February?


xoxo, Nikki